Kayla Harrison considers eventually fighting at 145 but believes cutting too much weight is “terrible” and “sending a bad message”

Kayla Harrison has revealed that she will eventually consider cutting down to 145-pounds if necessary, however she does not believe in excessive weight-cutting and is not in a hurry to drop down.

Harrison is being tipped by many to become MMA’s next superstar.

Harrison (2-0) currently competes for the Professional Fighters League organization as a 155-pound lightweight. She’s been hugely successful in her first two professional fights, earning a submission win over Brittney Elkin and a third-round TKO over Jozette Cotton. The 28-year-old is not a fan of huge weight-cuts, but says she would consider it if it means facing the best in the world, the pound-for-pound number-one fighter on the planet, Cris Cyborg.

First of all, I don’t believe in cutting weight,” Harrison said on The MMA Hour. “I think it’s terrible for your body, I think if you’re gonna win, you’re gonna win at whatever weight you compete at and I think it’s sending a bad message to young girls and young kids. I don’t want anyone, especially my niece or someone to think that to be thinner is to be better. I just don’t believe in that. You’re big, you’re strong, you’re powerful, that’s the message that I want to send.

But I do realize that if I want to be considered the best in the world, I have to beat the best. And that person is at 145 pounds.”

The Olympic Gold Medallist is aware the women’s lightweight division is ‘underdeveloped’ in women’s MMA and says if she has to go down she will.

I think a lot of people have doubts about 155 because it’s such a big weight class,” Harrison said. “It’s very underdeveloped in the women’s MMA community, so if I have to go down to get some fights then I have to go down.”

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Fight fans, would you like to see Harrison eventually move down to featherweight? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. Well, I’m sure Cris would love to fight at 155 as well. The only immediate problem is that the UFC does not offer a 155 division but there’s no way Kayla should consider taking on Cris at this point in her career anyways. Cris’ contract with the UFC is due to end soon. Kayla should take the time to get in as many fights as possible before then and then meet up with Cris at 155 when her UFC contract is finished.

  2. don’t go down. Cris Cyborg has said she’s really a 55er, and she is correct waling around at 180-185 pounds. I don’t see a point in Kayla dropping to another mostly empty division that is really 60% 35ers who haven’t reached top level conditioning or nutrition yet. plus if she stays and they have a fight at 155 it gives Cyborg a chance at being one of those 2 division champs. imo Kayla should get in at least 7 more fights and let Cris finish with the UFC, then just do it at 155.

    1. As you’ve noted, even 145 is a “mostly empty division.” I’ve been calling for an open or WHW division for fighters in excess of 136 pounds for a long time, perhaps up to 210.

      WMMA Rankings starts it at 156+, but Gabi is the only fighter that has more than 2 victories in it. At 155, there are only 4 fighters including Jozette and Kayla that have winning records. If you combined all the different divisions above BW, you would still have the most shallow division in MMA, but at least it would be a tad bit more competitive.

      There’s little doubt that Gabi Garcia, the generally recognized top HW, would fall to Cris Cyborg, despite her size advantage. I even have Kayla prevailing over Gabi, but at least that one could be competitive. I hope Kayla sticks to her guns about not moving down and pushes for such a division.

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