Kate Jackson celebrates ‘derailing’ Anastasia Yankova’s ‘hype train’

Listening to the UK’s Kate Jackson after her win over high profile fellow flyweight Anastasia Yankova at Bellator 200, a uninitiated observer would wonder why anyone thought Yankova could win.

The picture of poise and confidence, Jackson seemed to take her unanimous decision victory in stride. She answered questions quietly and gently smiled when the mood struck her. She said,“I knew I was better on the ground. I expected a bit more from her standing. I had to go to her more. I’m not sure what her gameplan was— possibly clinching, but that didn’t work out very well for her.”

She continued…“She was never going to submit me. She didn’t have the jujitsu for it.”  She gave Yankova props by saying, “She was super tough. She kept moving.”

When asked where she saw herself in the Bellator flyweight pecking order, she sweetly smiled and said, “The top.”  

In closing, Kate said, “I have far more experience. She has never fought anyone like me. I thought it highly unlikely that she’d beat me. I’m glad to derail the hype train.”

Who should Jackson fight next? Is she next in line for the winner of the MacFarlane/Lara title fight?

Veteran martial arts writer also published in Black Belt and Fight! Magazine.


  1. Anastasia fought courageously and with some effectiveness against an opponent who is bigger, stronger, more experienced and a good wrestler. Anastasia now knows what she needs to work on. As far as who should get the winner of MacFarlane/Lara, shouldn’t that be Val Letourneau? She beat Kate Jackson.

  2. Congratulations on the slime ball tactic Bellator decision makers off not giving Kate Jackson her in cage post fight interview. I guess the wrong fighter won for you Bellator clown decision makers. Absolutely pathetic.

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