Joicemara Da Silva Submits Elaine Leal Via Round 1 Triangle Choke!

Joicemara Da Silva (5-1) Vs. Elaine Leal (4-2) Strawweight (115lb’s) Shooto Brazil 70 (3/26/17)

Round 1

Leal hits Mara with an Overhand Right (4:49). Mara misses a Superman Punch and they clinch Leal takes Mara down (3:25) Uh-Oh Mara locks on a Triangle Choke (2:00) Leal slams Mara (1:55). woooooow Mara subs Leal in her second finish of her career! (1:19)!

Here’s the finish! Watch out for Joicemara Da Silva!

Winner – Joicemara Da Silva (6-1) Triangle Choke

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