Joaquina Bonfim opens up about lack of opportunities for heavyweight women in MMA

Heavyweight contender Joaquina Bonfim recently spoke out about the lack of opportunities in her division for women in MMA.

Joaquina Bonfim has still not been given a fight, despite announcing her plans to transition to MMA in January.

Back in January of this year, the multiple-time BJJ world champion announced she is making the move to MMA. Eight months later and she has still not been given a fight.

RIZIN Fighting Federation have been showcasing several heavyweight females over the last few years including Gabi Garcia, Destanie Yarbrough, Jazzy Gabert, Lei’D Tapa, Anna Maliukova and Oxana Gagloeva. Bonfim would like to see other organizations also begin to book the female heavyweights.

We have seen some little progress in our division. It would be wonderful to see other organizations book female heavyweight fights too. Women’s heavyweight has been emphasized recently but there is still not enough opportunities. In other sports like Boxing, heavyweight contenders are known as lethal top guys, dangerous, strong fighters” Bonfim said.

The Brazilian isn’t the only female heavyweight from another combat sport to announce she intends to make the move. The likes of Katya Kavaleva, Barbara Nepomuceno and Carlette Ewell have all announced plans to move to MMA, all three have not yet been given a fight by any organization.

“I hope more heavyweight women from several martial arts transition to MMA. Unfortunately in my country, it’s still not a reality. I Love the idea of grand-prix like in the UFC’s earlier days. Perhaps someday we can participate in something similar and help to build history of our heavyweight division. For the time being I still have several missions in BJJ and regular MMA “cross-training”. Time has come and I am prepared. Fighting is part of my essence. I was born to do it” Bonim said.

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Fight fans, how do you feel about Bonfim’s comments? Would you like to see the women of the heavyweight division receive more opportunities? Let us know in the comments section below.


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