September 27, 2020

Joanna Jedrzejczyk stuns in new photo shoot, promises fans “it’s just the beginning”

Former UFC strawweight champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk has shown fans a different side to herself in a new photo shoot.

Jedrzejczyk (16-3-0) recently took part in a photo shoot with photographer, Daniel D’Ottavio. The 32-year-old released the first shot from the recent shoot to her Instagram page, promising fans that ‘it’s just the beginning’.

Take a look at the teaser below:

The former UFC champ returns to the cage at the UFC 248 event in March when she attempts to reclaim the strawweight title by taking out reigning champ, Weili Zhang.

UFC 248 takes place on Saturday March 7, 2020, from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The main card featuring Jedrzejczyk vs. Zhang will be aired live on pay-per-view from 10pm EST.


17 thoughts on “Joanna Jedrzejczyk stuns in new photo shoot, promises fans “it’s just the beginning”

  1. funny how her and claudia G both got a nice set of fake boobs at around the same time. maybe next rematch they can bash each other’s face with them haha.

    1. lol, you’re crazy ! I didn’t even realize Claudia did. It’s starting to get more common : Miesha, PVZ, Pearl Gonzalez, pretty sure Rachel Ostovich,

      1. rachel O definitely went from o o to O O – look at her early invicta fight, flat chest. had a giant set bolted on after that! made a stunning debut at the classic invicta costume weigh ins. then she began a very hyperactive instagram and other social media campaign featuring….basically her new confiddent booby body. and then her boyfriend, a regional mma fighter, got really jealous over her spending so much time on IG and neglecting him (he was never featured in her pictures…most IG hoes find that fans turn away when they see a significant other). So he began abusing her. It all started with her fake boobs, which changed her confidence, drew her to social media where her popularity exploded, which destroyed her relationship. It ended with her escaping butt naked jumping off her apartment porch, i saw the surveillance video, you see her butt disappearing in to the darkness…
        just sayin, rachel is by all accounts a pleasant person, but her female silicone powered vanity changed her life in good and bad ways

        1. That makes for a good, sensationalistic version of the story, but it sounds almost like you’re blaming her for the ending which was her getting beaten just about unconscious and in need of hospitalization.

          1. you’ve seen this before, in both famous and ordinary people – one becomes very famous on social media, a mode of human communication we have never seen before – instant, directly connecting with fans and biz connections, no limit to file sizes or imagination. That has a distorting effect on relationships. there are tons of examples of women getting fake boobs and hitting the gym the year before a divorce – they want to hit the dating market looking as perfect as possible. happened to a few of my friends.
            then toss in social media to show off even more, and keep the boyfriend out of the picture, and that’s gunpowder waiting for a spark from a jealous jerk bag to lash out.
            what he did was wrong, but what if your boo was having big smiling interactions with her phone, and was getting all dressed up not for you but for another hundred selfies, oh and you can’t be in the picture, please stand down the hall while i take this picture, honey, can you wait please? thaaaanks….

          1. no i’m not justifying it. i’m saying it happens. She did things that caused him to be insecure and jealous. what if your girlfriend or wife spent hours a day prettying herself up for her 1000s of followers and you had to wait.
            i like rachel – she never curses, she never talks trash.
            a strong relationship is like Paige van zant – he is not insecure about her fame.
            rachel just happened to be cursed with a husband that was jealous of her time on social media. Difference is that paige makes her husband a part of her channel. Rachel did not, instead she was with an insecure guy, and in fact, probably contributed to his insecurity. Some guys are violent and beat their women. Not me, but some guys do. i can’t control their actions

          1. I’m just positing a theory. that her social media fame made him jealous. i’m not saying its right, i’m saying a low class dude may have gotten jealous from her actions. that’s just a statement of fact, that i’m trying to guess what his motivation was.
            i will be bold enough to go a step further and say that if you’re a hot chick who likes social media popularity , and you are dating a tattooed scumbag lower class middling MMA fighter, he just might be jealous when you tell him to not stand in the picture and she gets phone calls from big money guys who can advance her career.
            FOr the final word on why, i suggest you call him and ask why he beat up rachel into unconcionsuess multple times.

  2. Joanna is absolutely beautiful fake boobs or not whatever makes her happy. She is absolutely gorgeous love her accent and beautiful eyes and smile and her positive personality is a huge plus.

    1. i have a girlfriend (i’m her side piece actually) who has plastic surgery tits. she cracked me up when she described how as a result of breastfeeding her tits deflated using a pshhhhhhh sound (like a tire losing air) .

      even though she is a tall hot spanish chick with nice fake tits, its her personality and emotional connection we have is why we’ve been an item for like 6 years

      1. If you’ve been a side piece for 6 years,then you’ve been a home wrecker for 6 years, it sounds like. Nothing to be proud of and telling on the internet. I feel bad for the other guy!

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