Joanna Jedrzejczyk issues lengthy statement, says she declined November bout but ‘angry and sad’ December fight is cancelled

This past Tuesday it was announced that Valentina Shevchenko will headline the UFC 230 event to battle Sijara Eubanks for the vacant flyweight title on November 3, this in favor of a previously booked bout between Shevchenko and Joanna Jedrzejczyk for the belt at UFC 231 on December 8.

Almost 24 hours after the announcement and Jedrzejczyk has released a lengthy statement, admitting she is ‘angry and sad’ that the UFC cancelled her December fight. The 31-year-old also details why she opted out of competing in November’s main event. Take a look at the full statement below:

Me pulling out of fight? Never! Here is the truth. Yesterday I was informed that my fight had been cancelled. Unfortunately, I received this news from journalists, I was very shocked. I feel angry and sad. The already signed contract on the 8th of December was ignored. They were trying to persuade me into taking the fight in November, at the same time depriving me of a chance to properly prepare for the fight during the camp. Valentina is a challenging opponents, and my goal was (and actually still is) to prepare for this fight as best I can, and to eventually become the UFC flyweight champion. I treat every opponent and fight serious and with respect. I could fight in NY if I was interested only in money. Due to respect for other fighters and myself, I rejected the offer made by the UFC to change the date of the fight, as my main goal is to be at my best form during the fight, and in order to do that, I have to do my job from start to finish.

For 15 years I’ve been focused only on development, sportsmanship at the highest level and achieving my dreams. Of course, martial arts are my job, but most of all, they are my passion, hobby, and they fill my life and run in my blood. As a professional and a person who treats her life and work obligations serious, I feel truly resentful about the breath of the fight agreement. My feelings are even more intensified when I think of the obligations I had to resign from, as they would have happened in the time of my camp. I always plan everything long before a fight announcement. Once I sign the contract, there is nothing more important than fight preparations.

I always try to put myself in somebody else’s situation, be it a life or business one. Thus, I understand the quick decision made by the UFC key people to save the event in NYC. Everything happens for a reason. Sooner or later i’ll become the champ in two weight classes.

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  1. I think Dana is doing right by Valentina and Sijara. He promised Valentina a fight as soon as possible and Sijara missed her shot at the end of TUF so he gave her another chance. Not a lot of good choices but I think he made the right call.

    Sijara will drop out again and Chookagian will get the shot. Valentina wins.

    Meanwhile Eye vs Roxy and JJ vs Nicco. Roxy and Nicco will win.

    Then it’s Valentina vs Nicco and JJ vs Roxy. Nicco wins, Roxy wins, then it’s a rematch for the belt. Roxy takes Nicco to the ground this time, throws 120 elbows to the face and takes the belt!

    Roxy dispatches Valentina with ease.

    By now it’s 2021 and Calderwood will have catapulted to a top spot with two consecutive wins. Roxy vs Calderwood, teammates at Syndicate LV. Roxy takes it with a spine twist submission.

  2. Clearly these contracts are worthless if Dana can break them for whatever reason he deems appropriate without a substantial financial penalty to the financially injured fighter(s). We have no-fault divorce and now apparently no-fault fight cancellations. Maybe contract law should just be abolished altogether.

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