Joanna Jedrzejczyk claims Dana White was “disgusted” by UFC 223 scoring, says Namajunas’ coach also disagrees with result

Joanna Jedrzejczyk is far from happy with the judges scorecards during her recent fight at the UFC 223 event.

Jedrzejczyk not happy with recent UFC 223 decision loss.

Jedrzejczyk (14-2) failed to recapture the strawweight title from Rose Namajunas, losing a unanimous decision (49-46 x3). The 30-year-old has been telling the press in Poland that UFC president Dana White was “disgusted” by the scoring and also claims Namajunas’ own coach disagrees with the result.

Even Rose’s coach said after the verdict that I won that fight,” Jedrzejczyk told Polsat Sport. “Numbers don’t lie. Commission in New York is very young. They are still learning how to score fights. Dana White was also a little bit disgusted by the scoring.”

Prior to her consecutive losses to Namajunas, Jedrzejczyk was undefeated and considered one of the most dominant champions in UFC history, earning victories over the likes of Jessica AndradeKarolina KowalkiewiczClaudia GadelhaCarla Esparza, Jessica Penne and Valerie Letourneau.

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  1. I’d like to see the source(s) of JJ’s claims. I’ve heard that Rose’s coach disputes it and I doubt if Dana would even comment on her claim. Although a fan of both Valentina and JJ’s fighting skills, I do not like the way they both refuse to accept a loss. Both title fights were close and subject to judgement. Personally, I give more weight to a head strike than a leg tap, but apparently in Val vs. Amanda, the judges did not and in JJ vs. Rose, they did. When a significant portion of ones’ strikes are to the leg, as in the case of JJ’s and Nunes’ strikes, a judgment call as to what one considers a “significant strike” has a large bearing on the judge’s decision.

    1. Easier said than done, but if you can’t finish the fight, at least try to leave it all in the cage. At the end of the Nunes/Shevchenko II fight, unlike the JJ/Rose fight, it appeared that they had both overly conserved their energy and one can only wonder how the outcome would have differed if they had both given their all.

  2. It’s not just about the numbers Joanna… You clearly didn’t beat the champ after she KO’d you… So shhhhhht 😉 Stop embarrassing yourself.

  3. 49-46never,the fight was so close ITs difficult to Say Who’s Win,but 49-46common its shows the incompétence if those tre Dana Said one Time,dont let the fight in the bands if the judges.i dont have the same result i had 3of5 round for Joanna.the only way i could see Rose winning is her takedouwn at the last is not the first Time IT happen,just remember Valentina against Nunes.

  4. Although Rose stood with Joanna and fought a great fight I too think the judges were way off on the scorecards. Not to take away from Rose I mean Joanna got an ass whooping like never before but NeVER leave it up to the judges!

  5. All 4 of these people claim the opposite of what she claims. its ok to be delusional but dont drag others into your illusion

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