Jinh Yu Frey discusses plans to win Invicta FC title as well as defend ROAD FC belt

Jinh Yu Frey challenges Seo Hee Ham for the atomweight world title in this Saturday’s ROAD FC 45 main event. Both women are the number one and two ranked female 105-pound fighters in the world.

Frey wants to be the ROAD FC and Invicta FC atomweight champion.

Many fans may be wondering what the situation is with Frey and Invicta FC, the organization which she usually competes for. The 32-year-old elaborated during a recent interview with Bloody Elbow. She reveals that with Ayaka Hamasaki deciding to permanently stay at 115-pounds, as well as Herica Tiburcio being pregnant, there was simply no contenders for her to fight.

Luckily the contract with Invicta is not exclusive, so as long as you have their permission you’re free to fight outside of your contract. I still have a couple of fights on that contract with them, and they knew that they weren’t going to be able to match me up with anybody for a while.” Frey explained. “They told me that with the win over Cummins, I did earn another title shot. Unfortunately with Herica (Tiburcio) being out pregnant and just, nobody else in the division at that time being on a win streak, it’s going to take a little time for them to build up a contender. So, you know, I’m 32 years old and I let them know that I’m not trying to sit on the shelf for nine months while they get a contender. So they were willing to work with me on that and let me fight outside the promotion.”

It left the division in a pretty weird spot with Ayaka (Hamasaki) deciding to permanently stay at 115 and Herica being pregnant, we’re just kind of in a weird spot.” she continued.

With a victory this Saturday, Frey would ideally like to go back and win the Invicta FC atomweight title, as well as defend her ROAD FC belt.

You know, ideally whether I win the title or not I’d like to go back and win Invicta’s title. And after that, who knows? I haven’t really thought that far, because I still have some fights on Invicta’s contract. ROAD has expressed that if I win the title that I come back and defend it as well. So, first things first. Just get in there and win this title.” she said.

WMMA Atomweight World Rankings

ROAD FC 45 takes place this Saturday from the Grand Hilton Convention Center in Seoul, South Korea. The entire event will be aired live and free on ROAD FC’s official YouTube channel from 3am ET.



  1. Looking forward to this fight, but rather dismayed that Invicta is so thin at top in both the 105 and 115 divisions when there are so many good fighters out there a those weights, especially in Asia. Maybe their Asian counterparts are paying much better. It’d be interesting to know how much Frey is getting paid to fight for Road.

  2. It’s great that Road and Invicta are taking this approach to their fighters fighting outside the organization. One Championship says they want the UFC to allow Angela fight for the Strawweight title. A more realistic preliminary move would be for them to allow the winner of this fight to challenge Angela for her title.

  3. On an entirely separate note, it’s most disappointing if true, that Hamasaki is giving up her 105 title without giving Frey a rematch. It’s still puzzling how little has been made of this “announcement.” I’ve searched Google going back a year for any reference to such a move without success except for hearsay and while Invicta notes that the Straweight title is vacant, it still lists Hamasaki as their 105 title holder (as does Wikipedia) and some ranking organizations still rank her as the #1 atomweight. I’ve seen none that rank her as a strawweight, but that’s probably because her last two fights at that weight were loses. Maybe now that Livia Renata Souza has moved to the UFC, she may have a chance at the title. I don’t believe that any of Invicta’s strawweights are rated in the top 15.

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