Jessy Jess still awaiting payment from Battlefield FC for March 18th fight

Battlefield FC was the inaugural event that took place on March 18th, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. Jessica is said to be one of the Fifteen fighters yet to be paid. With estimates of over One Hundred thousand dollars in purse money still owed to fighters.

Australian fighter Jessy Jess trains out of Syndicate MMA located in Las Vegas Nevada. She took on former Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion Sarah Kaufman. Sarah won a three round Unanimous Decision.

This is Jessica’s statement from her Facebook page.

“So I still haven’t been paid. Which sucks balls. I haven’t been able to buy my car cos I was counting on this money to get me there. The worst part of it is my manager gave me enough money out of his own pocket to pay my half of my coaches and my rent and other bills because I put everything on hold for a month counting on that money coming in. So now not only am I out of a vehicle and the money to go home to see my family later in the year, I also owe my manager a tonne of cash cos he tried to help me out.
I was going to say that this is the fight game I guess… but in 2017 there is no way this bullshit should still be happening!
Hopefully media pressure will get the job done… who knows…

I reached out to Jessica to see if she had anything else to add to her comment on her Facebook post and this was her response.

I’m disappointed because it cost me a lot of money to get ready for that fight and that fight purse was going to help me move into a new place, buy a car and get home to see my family for my birthday in November. I’m upset that they keep giving us new excuses every week and saying that I’ll get paid the following week.”

It’s a shame that in 2017, fighters still have to worry if they will get paid after they fight for a promotion.


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