Jessica Penne sets up GoFundMe to help fund for legal fees as she prepares to fight USADA head on in court

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover Jessica Penne’s legal fees as she prepares to battle USADA in court.

Penne has been left feeling ‘heartbroken and defeated’ due to USADA’s actions.

This past Friday, Penne opened up in an emotional, lengthy statement about how USADA have wrongfully suspended her, leaving her ‘heartbroken and defeated’ and effectively ‘bullied’ her into retirement.

USADA quickly fired back in a message of their own, claiming Penne’s statement was filled with ‘factual inaccuracies and unfounded allegations’.

Now, Penne has shared a GoFundMe to all her social media pages, set up by her management team. The description on the fundraiser reads as follows:

I am setting up this campaign on behalf of my client, Jessica Penne. Jessica is a UFC strawweight who has been wrongly suspended for the last 3 years by USADA for claims that are proven invalid. She served the suspension but again has been accused of a violation in which her along with the help of the UFC have found to be a mistake. She spent all of her remaining savings on the testing of products to fight and prove her innocence which paid off (as the tests came back in her favor). She now has all of the paperwork that proves her innocence but is left in the position to have to fight USADA head on in court. This campaign is set up to help raise the money to cover the legal fees and save her career before its to late. From here team here at SuckerPunch Entertainment we thank everyone for their support and we are ready to fight this and get her back in competition.

Thank you,
Team Penne

Click HERE to visit the fundraiser and donate.



  1. read the comments on insta for jp’s gfm. she is getting support, but half the comments are SAVAGE. as in, why are you an able bodied person asking for 40k, while cancer and accident victims have legit reasons for GoFUndMe. makes you think!

  2. well, she needs the 40k right away to battle USADA: lawyers and such. Do you know any jobs that pay 40k right away ?? other than top athletes

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