Jessica Eye furious with Sijara Eubanks, promises to someday ‘put a beating’ on her and make her question her ‘self worth in life’

UFC flyweight Jessica Eye is furious with Sijara Eubanks and is hopeful she will one day be given the opportunity to put a ‘beating’ on her.

Eye isn’t happy with UFC flyweight title challenger, Sijara Eubanks.

Both women were scheduled to battle at the UFC 232 event on December 29. The UFC have since decided to pull Eubanks from that fight in order for her to challenge Valentina Shevchenko for the vacant flyweight title in the main event of UFC 230 on November 3.

Eye is furious with Eubanks for going back on the agreement and let her feelings be known on social media.

Damn straight I am pissed cornball. I can’t wait for the day to break you physically and mentally . You had agreement with me and you got out over some bullshit this time . I’ll put a beating on you that your gonna question your self worth in life.” Eye wrote on her Twitter page.

It is unknown at this time if Eye will be given a replacement opponent for UFC 232 or whether she will also be removed from the event. UFC 230 headlined by Shevchenko vs. Eubanks takes place on November 3 from the Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, United States. The main card airs at 10pm EST, live on pay-per-view.



  1. oh dear lord these flyweights throw more punches on twitter than inside the cage. how about this genius. Valentina took your opponent, take hers. JJ is a much higher profile opponent than Eubanks anyway. man this division is looking like a mistake more and more each day.

    1. exactly. she wouldn’t either. and frankly the UFC will probably never offer her a title shot. she’s not exciting enough. she doesn’t lose spectacularly and she just barely wins decisions.

  2. Question – can the UFC just break any match that’s signed for without financial penalty? Can either of the fighters? If so it makes a UFC fight contract worth about as much as a Nevada chapel wedding with no-fault divorce.

    1. Does anyone know whether the Eye/Sarje contract had been actually signed, or for that matter JJ vs. Valentina’s? If so, what is the point of a contract?

      1. I think the UFC probably breaks so many labor laws, it’s not funny ! unless there’s some escape clause for the UFC in every fight contract that says “subject to change” ! ??

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