Jessica Andrade reveals why she dislikes Amanda Nunes, plans to take out her anger on Nina Ansaroff

Jessica Andrade is not a fan of UFC bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes and is hoping to fight her girlfriend, Nina Ansaroff, in the near future.

Andrade wants Nina Ansaroff.

Andrade (18-6) defeated Tecia Torres at the UFC on FOX 28 event last month, which took place from Brazil. Andrade says she could hear her fellow Brazilian, Nunes, cheering loudly for Torres during the fight and believes the tone in which she did it was disrespectful. She plans to take out her anger on Nunes’ girlfriend, Nina Ansaroff.

She was yelling the whole fight. If you’re going to cheer against someone from your own country, at least contain yourself. Tecia took my back and she (Amanda) stood up. When I reversed the position, she got mad. I don’t intend to fight her. Amanda will fight Cyborg and she’ll get what’s coming to her. I’m sad to know there are Brazilians who don’t cheer for me. Her woman (Nina Ansaroff) is in my weight class, maybe we’ll meet some time and maybe I’ll take it out on her.” Andrade said.

I think Amanda got ahead of herself when she asked for the Cyborg fight. She could’ve asked for the strawweight champion, who’s not a Brazilian. She could win two belts and would still be quite the accomplishment. But no, she wanted to fight Cyborg. You might have confidence and want to fight the best, but I think she messed up big time. I was pissed off when I heard about it. I’m huge fan of Cris’. It’s horrible to have two Brazilians fighting each other, but it’ll be good for Amanda to have her ass kicked and be put back in her place by Cris.” she continued.

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Fight fans, would you like to see Andrade and Ansaroff do battle? Who do you think would win? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. How is Amanda vs cyborg bad for Brazilian, but Jessica vs Claudia or vitor vs Anderson isn’t. Tecia is her close friend and one time training partner. Why would she cheer against her

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