Jessica Andrade releases lengthy statement following 42-second knockout loss to Weili Zhang

This past Saturday at the UFC on ESPN+ 15 event, Jessica Andrade failed to retain the strawweight title, losing it to Weili Zhang by way of a first-round knockout.

It took just 42-seconds for Weili Zhang to finish Jessica Andrade and capture the strawweight title at UFC on ESPN+ 15.

Andrade (20-7-0), who won the strawweight belt from Rose Namajunas this past May, has since released a lengthy statement. Take a look below:

I was waiting for a moment of calm to write to you. I want to thank all my real fans and friends for the support. I’m not sad, we did everything right, I was very well trained and focused, it was one of the fights that I was the most prepared for, but unfortunately Zhang’s hand landed first and I went down, and then it came a series of elbows that I went out and tried to recover, but a knee came right after, so it was impossible to continue. I don’t feel embarrassed because that happens to all fighters one day. I happened to Aldo, to Joanna, to Cyborg, to Anderson Silva, to Junior ‘Cigano’.

Anyway, my master Gilliard Parana and my entire team PRVT did a good job. We have nothing to say or fix, or at least think that we could have done better, because we did the best. What would a winning streak be if it wasn’t for the bitter taste of defeat? A champion isn’t made of wins only. It wasn’t my first loss and it certainly won’t be the last. I know how to deal well with all this, this landslide of critics and absurds that the Brazilians are saying. I just want to leave one message for the critics: NO ONE ENTERS THAT OCTAGON TO LOSE but the career I chose has these things. We’ll come back stronger.

It’s not the end of the world, it’s just a restart. I have a solid career with 27 fights, I was the first Brazilian to fight in the UFC Octagon, I’m a veteran in the promotion and in women’s MMA. I became the No. 1 (ranked) in the world now because above me there’s only the champion Weili Zhang, who fought really well! And deserves the title. We continue at the top because there’s our place, and life gores on!

I have incredible people by my side. I can’t wait to get back home to rest, stay with friends and family, because those who truly know me know that these last months weren’t easy. I had eight tireless months of work, but it was all worth it. Today I sleep well because I know my work was well done. I gave happiness to the Brazilian country and I have nothing to be ashamed about.

UFC on ESPN+ 15 took place on Saturday August 31, 2019 from the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre Arena in Shenzhen, China.



  1. Her fight plan has been the same in every fight I’ve seen of hers at Strawweight in the UFC, take strikes with her face and hope to walk through them to grab her opponent and brute strength them. That is not a formula for long term success.

  2. On first reading, my thoughts were “cool. Gracious, although not really necessary.” On second reading my thoughts were “as long as you think ‘you did everything right’, you’re FUCKED. That wasn’t just a coin flip loss, you lost because you were planned for, and your tendencies are known.” Someone send her team a link to Weasle’s “What Really Happened” video or something. On reading one more time I’m not sure she even wrote that statement — that bit about Brazilian critics etc struck me as an odd mention. Like, who is that even for?

    I wish her the best, ‘cos she has a warrior spirit and seems a good person. Not a particularly remarkable martial artist however, and by the sound of things isn’t on the road to being one either, which is a shame. I think she needs input that PRVT can’t give her, or haven’t thus far at least.

    1. My thoughts, exactly. She needs a new training camp or at least a new striking coach asap that can teach her footwork, head movement and striking down the middle. W/the proper training, she could become the Mike Tyson of the SW division.

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