Jessica Andrade explains why she turned down title fight, says on eventual showdown “I will try to kill her”

UFC strawweight Jessica Andrade has revealed she recently turned down a UFC strawweight championship fight against Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

Andrade recently spoke to Brazilian website AgFight, which was translated to English by MMAWeekly. She reveals she was offered the fight for April, but she turned it down as she is looking for one more fight so she can make enough money to pay for a good camp when she finally gets the shot.

The UFC gave me two options. I really want to fight, but I need one more fight to make money so I can pay for a good camp to fight Joanna.

They offered me: ‘You can fight or you can wait and go directly for the belt on April.’ But it would be complicated to fight the champion without a good camp. I gotta be ready to get a fight like that. I want one more fight before and then I can show everyone that I’m in the right weight division and that I’m capable to get a title shot.”

Andrade says she will still fight the champ in April, if she can get a fight at some point this month. Of course, she will need to get the victory.

“Joanna just fought. She is recovering herself,” said Andrade. “I guess she broke her nose. I think April would be a good date to fight for the belt if a get a fight in January. That would be great.

Andrade and Jedrzejczyk were once good friends, however the Brazilian reveals when she moved down 115 pounds, the champ Jedrzejczyk’s attitude towards her begun to change. Andrade says she’s not happy with this, and will try to “kill” the champ when the two finally face off.

When I started at this division, 115 pounds, I guess I did just one fight and (Jedrzejczyk) changed her manager and team. But our link already wasn’t going very well since she realized that I would drop weight.

Maybe because she already trained with me and said that I’m very strong. She changed a little bit. But I didn’t like what she did. You can’t change your team, they are your family. It doesn’t matter what she says, I will be respectful. But once inside the Octagon, I guess I will try to kill her.

Do you think Andrade made the right decision? Who would win the eventual showdown? Let us know in the comments below.



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