Jazzy Gabert: “I’m better than Gabi Garcia. She needs to prove herself, I’m ready anytime”

Gabi Garcia‘s opponent for the annual RIZIN Fighting Federation year-end event has not yet been determined. However, one woman who is very much interested in fighting the undefeated Brazilian at the organization’s most prestigious event of the year is Germany’s Jazzy Gabert.

Gabert wants Gabi Garcia next.

Gabert (1-1) admits that she may not be the best fighter in her division, however she is sure that she is better than Garcia. In a recent chat with WMMA Rankings, she explained that although she respects the Brazilian’s work ethic, she doesn’t feel as though Garcia has proved herself in the sport of MMA.

The fans are still interested in seeing the fight between myself and Gabi. I don’t think that I’m the best heavyweight fighter, but I think I’m better than Gabi for sure. Gabi Garcia has a crazy work ethic, I respect her for that. Although in the ring she needs to prove herself. Will the fight ever happen? Only god knows. I’m ready anytime” Gabert said.

The 35-year-old, also known as “Alpha Female”,  made a successful professional debut in October 2016, knocking out Manuela Kuhse in the second-round. However, she suffered a setback this past April, losing to King Reina by way of a second-round armbar submission. Despite the loss, Gabert is still very confident she can beat Gabi Garcia and believes Reina could beat her too.

What people don’t understand, King Reina is a really high level athlete, she is something special. I lost against Reina, just like 6 other competitive fighters and if Reina ever fights Gabi, Gabi will lose too” Gabert explained.

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Fight fans, do you agree with Gabert’s comments? Would you like to see her face Gabi Garcia next? Let us know in the comments section below.

Take a look back at the time Gabert confronted Gabi Garcia inside the RIZIN FF ring:


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  1. Amazing – the only one of your top 10 fighters with more than 2 pro fights are Gabi and Yumiko Hotta, who just turned 50. Welterweight and lightweight are almost as bad and featherweight ain’t much better. At the very least, there should just be a women’s heavyweight division for 146+ fighters. Realistically, though, they could easily drop the cut off to 136+ and it would still be the weakest women’s division in WMMA, and still ruled by Cris Cyborg. If there were any other quality fighters, Reina, who given her height should really be fighting at 135, wouldn’t be the dominant figure at the higher weight classes that she is.

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