Jamila Sandora explains why she initially declined Bellator MMA offer, says she might be ready to sign with them this year

Fitness model turned MMA fighter Jamila Sandora has revealed that she once declined an offer to join Bellator MMA but is now looking to potentially join them in the future.

Sandora is a former ring card girl turned MMA fighter.

Sandora (2-0) is an accomplished fitness model and former ring card girl who is well known in her home country of Brazil. The 35-year-old has been training at the Parana Vale Tudo gym along with the likes of UFC strawweight Jessica Andrade and it seems like the hard work is paying off. She made her professional debut in December 2016, knocking out Lilian Pereira in the first-round. She followed up this past July, moving up to featherweight and picking up another knockout win, this time against Jaqueline Ferreira.

The Brazilian revealed the reasons for declining Bellator MMA’s offer during a recent chat with WMMA Rankings

I had a chance to join Bellator in late 2016/2017, but I was very confused whether I should go through with it or not. I had other proposals and I decided to stay competing in the smaller promotions and work from scratch. So, keeping the training and discipline, there is great chance of fighting for Bellator in the future.” Sandora said.

WMMA Featherweight World Rankings

Fight fans, would you like to see Sandora sign with Bellator MMA? Does she have what it takes to become a force in the organization’s 145-pound division? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. She looks like a welcome addition but not knowing her opponents, I have no idea as to whether she’ll be a force there. Fortunately for her, with the lack of competition in that division she has the potential to go far.

    In the meantime, if anyone’s interested in the Teo/Xiong fight, a link is below, although it is not well covered. Spoiler alert – the results are in the link.


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