#InvictaFC28 Live Results: Inoue vs Jandiroba

Tonight, at the Union Event Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, some of MMA’s toughest ladies will do battle as Invicta FC returns to UFC Fight Pass for the 28th time.

The nine-bout fight card features a plethora of talent across four divisions– debutants, Invicta standouts, and UFC vets alike will get the chance to showcase their skills on one of Invicta’s most anticipated shows.

Follow along with WMMA Rankings as we deliver live results!

FLYWEIGHT: Tracy Cortez def. Kaitlyn Neil via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

This was a really close, evenly matched battle between two relative newcomers with bright futures ahead of them. Cortez set a grueling pace early– pressuring Neil against the fence and landing some stiff knees and short punches to redden the face of “Katniss”. Cortez kept the pressure going throughout three rounds but as the fight went on Neil began finding her range. There were some really fun grappling and stand-up exchanges and reversals in this fight and the decision is likely a toss-up.

ATOMWEIGHT: Jillian DeCoursey def. Rebekah Levine via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Levine showed some solid submission defense but it was DeCoursey who controlled the fight. She had the striking edge and was able to control positions on the ground for the majority of the fight. DeCoursey attempted numerous submissions– including a kimura that looked close to finishing.  Most likely a UD nod for Queens, NY native who appears to be making huge strides in her game.

BANTAMWEIGHT: Kerri Kenneson def. Chelsea Chandler via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Interesting bantamweight match up here! Arguably the most intense staredown at the weigh-ins, Chandler, a training partner of UFC bantamweight Leslie Smith, makes her professional debut. Kenneson immediately shot for a takedown to start the fight. Chandler attempted numerous submissions on the ground including a tight triangle that KK fought out of. Some chaos at the end of the round– Kerri landed a hard right hand that dropped Chelsea. The ref jumped in the middle but we were unsure if the round ended or the fight was stopped because the bell was not heard.  The second was closer but the third round was a clear win for “Scary” Kerri.

STRAWWEIGHT: Kal Swchartz def. Kay Hansen via second-round TKO (punches)

Explosive action from the start! Kal lands heavy earlier– they clinch and Schwartz is looking like the stronger fighter, wearing down the 18-year-old Hansen against the fence. Halfway through the round, Kay is able to get distance– at a distance Kal appears tired and Kay swarms with a nice combo! The bell rings and the fight goes to the second round. Hansen is having success at range. Towards the end of the round Kay and Kal clinch, Kal shoves Kay against the cage and lands a brutal elbow that opens up Kay. Hansen is pouring blood, Schwartz smells the finish! A beautfiul suplex by “50 Kal” followed by heavy ground and pound seals the deal. The referree steps in and waves off the contest with sixteen seconds left in the round– Hansen’s face is a mess and the doctors go right to work.

ATOMWEIGHT: Minna Grusander def. Fernanda Priscilla via second-round TKO (punches)

The second atomweight fight of the night! Finn fighter Minna Grusander takes on Brazil’s Fernanda Priscilla. Both fighters had their moments in the first round. Minna was throwing long, straight shots down the middle while Fernanda threw wide, winging shots– it was an interesting clash of striking styles. In the second round, Grusander came out laser-focused. She applied pressure and landed a combo that forced Priscilla to shoot for a takedown. Minna stuffed the takedown and landed a series of ground and pound to force the ref’s stoppage!

STRAWWEIGHT: Pearl Gonzalez def. Kali Robbins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27).

Pearl Gonzalez is promising an evolution of herself as she takes on unbeaten prospect Kali Robbins. Gonzalez shows off improved Muay Thai early– tossing powers shots Robbins’ way. Robbins goes for a takedown, sweeps the leg and gets PG down. The majority of the first and second rounds are fun, high-level scrambles with Pearl getting the better of positions. Robbins is ultra tough and doesn’t settle for any positions but Gonzalez appears stronger and more aware of the scrambles. In the third round Pearl lands a beautiful hip toss after landing some solid shots. They fight until the bell rings, major swelling on the face of Kali. An emotional Pearl and her head coach celebrate what was likely a dominant win.

FLYWEIGHT: Milana Dudieva def. Christina Marks via second-round TKO (punches)

Both fighters in need of a win in what should be a fun flyweight contest. Marks, the longer fighter, looks to have the slight speed advantage in her hands starting out. Both fighters are throwing actively but nothing major is landing. The first round is hard to score. In the second round, Dudieva lands a gorgeous overhand right that lands flush and drops Marks! Dudieva swarms with ground and pound while Marks tries to hang on. The ref has seen enough, he waves off the contest and Dudieva breaks her skid!

FLYWEIGHT: DeAnna Bennet def. Karina Rodriguez via split-decision (30-27, 27-30, 30-27).

For the co-main event feature, DeAnna Bennet returns to the Invicta cage after a stint in the UFC to take on rising prospect Karina Rodriguez. There were a few shots and takedowns attempted by Bennet, however, the majority of the fight was a scrappy brawl. Both fighters landed nice combos and had their moments. This is a tough one to judge and both fighters showed up to scrap!

STRAWWEIGHT: Virna Jandiroba def. Mizuki Inoue via split-decision (49-46, 46-49, 49-46).

Main event time! The vacant strawweight title is on the line as a returning Mizuki takes on a surging Jandiroba. This fight is scheduled for five five-minute rounds. In the first round, Jandiroba gets a nice double leg takedown and uses the majority of the round to work from the top. Mizuki kept the Brazilian in her guard but it was Jandiroba who controlled the position. End of the round and there is some major swelling on the left eye of Mizuki.  Jandiroba continued applying the pressure with her wrestling offense. Mizuki is working off of her back, she’s not content to settle for these positions, but Jandiroba is very aware of positioning on the canvas. In the third frame, Mizuki started to find some momentum, backing Virna up with strikes. However, the momentum was halted by Jandiroba’s takedown and groundwork. Virna is really dominating with her top positions. Excellent game plan execution so far by Jandiroba and her corner. The fourth round was more of the same. At one point, about halfway through the round, the referee stood the fight up. In the last minute of the fourth frame, Mizuki landed a beautiful judo toss but was out-positioned by the Brazilan. In the fifth and final round, Jandiroba nullified Mizuki’s offense with dominant and thorough top control. This is a clean sweep for Virna– a very dominant performance! Mizuki Inoue has absolutley no quit in her and likely learned a lot in theis bout.

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