Invicta FC’s Celine Haga: “Angela Magana, now that you are not in the UFC, I would love to fight you”

Invicta FC star Celine Haga is hoping for her next fight to be against former UFC strawweight, Angela Magana.

Haga (10-14-0), who has won 4 of her last 5, made the callout on her social media pages. Take a look below:

Magana (11-9-0) was released from the UFC last year, following a five-fight losing streak. “Your Majesty” is keen to continue pursuing MMA and is hoping to fight as soon as possible.

Fight fans, is Haga vs. Magana the next fight to make? Who do you think would win? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. Has Angela responded to Celine? I don’t think so. I know celine we follow each other on fb and chit chat a few times a year. She is in the strange situation of wanting fights, but having huge blcok of losses on her record and having so much experience, she doesn’t fit the profile of what matchmakers are looking for. Newbies can’t fight her because of her long career, and veterans see too many losses on her record and therefore may not see an upside to either beating her or losing to her.

      1. i was at work and read too quickly. Good to see that magana wants to step up. Celine is going silly with no fights lined up, good to see her calling out

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