Invicta FC star Felicia Spencer is “hopeful” for Invicta FC 155lb division, says she could beat every girl ranked above her

Top ten lightweight and Invicta FC star, Felicia Spencer is currently number #9 ranked 155lb lightweight fighter in the world, according to the Women’s Pro MMA World Rankings. Spencer believes she can beat any of the girls ranked above her, and plans to be number 1.

Spencer has been “patiently waiting” for Invicta FC to add her division.

Spencer begun fighting as an amateur back in 2012, finishing with the impressive record of 5-1-0, which includes three finishes. In 2015 premier women’s MMA organisation, Invicta FC picked Spencer up as part of the new 155lb lightweight division. In her pro debut Spencer got the round 1 TKO win over Rach Wiley after landing brutal elbows and punches. She says on her pro debut “I felt very comfortable in my fight with Wiley.  I give every opponent their due respect, but I feel that I can find a way to win in any situation”.

The organisation hasn’t offered her any fights since the victory, she admits “I understand that the lightweight world is relatively small” but adds “I’ve been patiently waiting“.

The 155lb lightweight division was non-existent a few years back, but as women’s MMA continues to evolve so do the divisions. Over the last year and a half the division is starting to grow rapidly, with several extremely talented fighters emerging. These include the undefeated number 1 ranked knockout artist, Canadian Bobbi-Jo Dalziel. The woman who’s created a lot of controversy this year “The #1 Headbusta” Jozette Cotton, Sarah Patterson who hasn’t been defeated since 2009 and is a vicious ground and pound finisher, Brittney Elkin who is fast becoming a world class BJJ fighter and got the first round stoppage back in August as well as many more. Click HERE to see the 155lb lightweight top ten rankings.

She believes she is the most well-rounded fighter in her division, and plans to be number one.

Spencer believes none of the women in her division are as well-rounded as herself, she is confident she will be the 155lb champion when Invicta FC develop the division.

I feel like the most well-rounded fighter in my division I do respect all of those ranked above me for their accomplishments, but I am confident that I can beat any of the girls ranked above me.  There just isn’t a fighter like me on the list“. She says she would fight anyone and assures us she will be number #1.

Gateway Fighting Series are set to host a 155lb lightweight championship fight between number 3 Sarah “Primal” Patterson and the returning Tamikka Brents in the main event on March 3rd. The event will air live on PPV. Spencer believes whoever wins isn’t truly the champion.

Spencer is “hopeful” Invicta FC will add the 155lb division in 2017.

Spencer tells us “It’s nice to see them get recognised, but the rankings will always show who the true champion is. Right now, neither one of them are truly #1″. Of course Bobbi-Jo Dalziel is currently the number 1 ranked lightweight, and Spencer plans on stealing that spot.

With the growing number of women in the lightweight division, she is “hopeful” the organisation will consider bringing in her division sometime in 2017. She also reveals that she is “open” to fight in the featherweight division if it means opening more doors.

The 155lb division has been growing rapidly over the last year and a half, the top ten include world-class fighters. As well as hundreds of amateurs, and less active pro fighters who are waiting for a major organisation to pick the division up. With the constant evolution of women’s MMA and the growing numbers and interest in the 155lb division, we could be set to see this happen in 2017. There’s the potential to grab at an untapped market with these fighters, women who are naturally harder hitters and are looking for finishes. There are several female boxers, judo stars and Olympians who would be more willing to give MMA a chance if a division was made in which they have a better chance of making weight at.

We’ll be publishing an in-depth interview with Invicta FC 155lb star Felicia Spencer this Friday. She talks more about Invicta FC, her fellow 155lb competitors, the upcoming UFC Nunes VS Rousey fight, Jozette Cotton drama, why she begun fighting, her training, return and lots more.

Would you like to see Invicta FC introduce a 155lb lightweight division in the near future? Who would you want to see fight for the first ever belt? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Hell yes. She won a 6 fight contract and has had 1 fight in over a year,that is BS!! At that rate it could 10 years to fullfill that contract! She maybe patient but the rest of us aren’t. .she deserves her time in the ring.

  2. I also disagree. Not sorry at all. “It’s nice to see them get recognised, but the rankings will always show who the true champion is. Right now, neither one of them are truly #1”. So if the rankings are always accurate, and THE go to, why are you ranked #9 but say you can beat anyone above you?

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