Invicta FC president Shannon Knapp discusses decision to bring in UFC bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes

Invicta FC recently hired UFC bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes to be a part of their athlete development team.

Nunes is officially a part of the Invicta FC team.

The responsibilities of The Lioness’ new role include but are not limited to “assisting with the matchmaking process,” “identifying champions of tomorrow,” and “specifically scouting talent in Brazil and the southeastern United States.”

Shannon Knapp, the Invicta FC president, recently discussed her decision to bring in Nunes during a chat with MMAJunkie Radio.

I’ve had some struggles lately with communications with the athletes that come from Brazil,” Knapp said. “There’s been some shady stuff down that way with management. And it’s tough to communicate. And to give an athlete that safe zone where they can communicate. It’s been on my mind.

I can tell that they just felt connected,” Knapp said, “and are able to feel like they can communicate. I like that. That’s probably one of the biggest reasons I wanted to make this move. I want everybody to feel good when they get here. And I think having somebody like Amanda, that genuinely does care.”

Upon the news first being announced, Nunes spoke about her joy at being given the new role.

I love to be the matchmaker for Invicta, from my experience, and I have a lot of good talents in Brazil,” Nunes said. “I love to try to find new talent, and I think my friend talked to (Invicta FC President) Shannon (Knapp) about it, then Shannon texted me and offered me to be part of the team. I was very happy, and now I’m here. I love to do something with women’s MMA.”

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Fight fans, are you excited to see what Nunes brings in her new role? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Excellent decision. Hopefully they bring in someone that can speak several Asian languages, primarily Japanese, Korean and or Mandarin, to help bring in Asian talent. The lighter divisions could really use the infusion.

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