Invicta FC 39 headliners Jinh Yu Frey & Ashley Cummins call for UFC to add atomweight division

Jinh Yu Frey and Ashley Cummins have passionately called for the UFC to add a women’s atomweight division ahead of their headlining title bout at this Friday’s Invicta FC 39 event.

Frey and Cummins will battle for atomweight gold in this Friday’s Invicta FC 39 Main Event.

Frey will attempt to defend her Invicta FC 105-pound belt against Cummins this Friday. The fight will be a rematch from a 2017 encounter in which Frey emerged victorious via unanimous decision.

Ahead of the event, both women spoke to MMAJunkie about their dream goal of competing in the UFC as part of an atomweight division.

I’ve heard a lot of rumors that say maybe the UFC is starting to look into the atomweight division. I’m going to be 35 this year and I’m hanging in there as long as I can. We’ll see. I’m not basing my hopes at the start they’ll start a division. … I’m just taking it one fight at a time.” champion Frey said.

Every day I say a little prayer the UFC is finally going to start the atomweight division. That’s been the goal – to be a UFC fighter. I want to be a world champ and I want to be a UFC fighter. Hopefully 2020 will be the year (the UFC) finally starts the atomweight division.” said challenger Cummins.

Click HERE to view the full Invicta FC 39 fight card.

Invicta FC 39: Frey vs. Cummins takes place this Friday February 07, 2020, from the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas, United States. The event will be aired live on UFC Fight Pass from 8pm EST.



  1. mm, even though i’m a passionate wmma fan, i’m not sure i want to see teeny chicks in the UFC. they would only take away from guys fighting, and its a guy’s sport. we want to see smashing finishes, not powerpuff girls bopping each other.

    1. I of course can’t know who the “we” you refer to is, but I personally can’t co-sign that AT ALL. Finishes are great, but as a fan of mixed martial arts I wanna see skill, speed, technique, tenacity, adjustments and problem-solving in real time, shit like that… were fights expected to only ever end in someone going to sleep or getting their arm broken I for sure wouldn’t watch nearly as much as I do. 🙂
      All that aside, my only ‘issue’ with a 105 division is that I don’t see how it would work in real terms. We already get more women’s fights now than, say, two or three years ago, yet there are still fighters that might only take to the cage twice in a year. So unless the UFC put on even MORE events across the calendar year (which probably isn’t wise right now) those new 105ers would likely either be on the sidelines a while or taking a ‘spot’ from someone else, as I see it…

      1. I think they need to reduce their male roster a bit and start having at least 3 or 4 female fights on every single card !

    2. RIDICULOUS ! It’s a guy’s sport ! ? GTFOH ! Make up your mind ! You’re either a passionate WMMA fan as you claim, or you’re not !

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