Invicta FC 36 headliner Pam Sorenson feels ‘better than ever’

Minnesotans Pam Sorenson and Kaitlin Young will clash for the Invicta FC vacant featherweight title on Friday night, headlined as the main event at Invicta FC 36, familiarity brings a different feel to this championship fight.

“Bam” Sorenson discussing when she got the news of her vacant featherweight title shot against Kaitlin Young.

“It’s kind of strange because Kaitlin [Young] and I both are from Minnesota. We are like 15 minutes away from each other and we know each other very well,” Sorenson said. “My coaches have cornered her, and she has cornered my coaches.”

There aren’t many secrets between both camps, as Young fights out of Circle Pines at Minnesota Martial Arts Academy and Sorenson trains at The Cellar Gym in St. Anthony. There’s no secret that Young is a striker and she needs improvement in her ground game, she added.

Although there’s a friendship, Sorenson has faced Young in the past competing against each other in grappling tournaments and kickboxing matches about five years ago.

Much has changed since competing against each other. After suffering four straight defeats between 2012-2014, Young has accumulated three consecutive victories – she recently beat Faith McMah in June at Invicta FC 35 via TKO.

Meanwhile, Sorenson had a three-and-a-half-pound ovarian cyst removed from her abdomen back in January. The mass was removed four days after the doctors found it. She didn’t begin to train again until May.

“With the mass being removed, I felt better than ever before for a fight camp,” Sorenson said. “I turned down other fight offers that I wasn’t ready for. But, I knew I was ready for this one.”

“Bam” Sorenson has been with Invicta FC since 2016, winning the vacant featherweight title may alter which promotion she may sign with next.

“If the UFC comes calling, that’s not a call to turn down but I’m done wasting time waiting for them. Who know what’s going to happen with their featherweight division. So, I just feel like I will always have a home with Invicta FC and I’m very happy there.”

Cristhian Plasencia

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