Ilima Macfarlane vs Emily Ducote set for inaugural Bellator flyweight title

Undefeated Bellator flyweight Ilima-Lei Macfarlane will rematch Emily “Gordinha” Ducote on November 3rd to crown the inaugural Bellator flyweight champion.

Ilima-Lei Macfarlane (6-0) meets Emily Ducote (6-2) for the second time at Bellator 186– however, this time the stakes are much higher. The winner will be crowned the first ever Bellator flyweight champion.

Since debuting, Macfarlane has cemented herself as a front-runner in Bellator’s competitive flyweight division. She’s unbeaten with six wins, three of those by way of submission. The crafty and dangerous grappler last fought in April of 2017, submitting Jessica Middleton with an armbar in the second round.

Oklahoma City’s Emily Ducote has been nothing short of impressive in her own right. Ducote currently rides a two-fight win streak. Her sole loss in Bellator comes from a decision to Macfarlane in 2016.

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  1. Lukewarm about this matchup. I was hoping to see Ilima MacFarlane vs Anastasia Yankova, but Yankova has yet to fight at 125 pounds in Bellator. And Lena Ovchynnikova vs Ilima MacFarlane would have been a nice matchup, since Ovchynnikova is one a winning streak. But she lost to Rebecca Ruth and I imagine Bellator wants to have a Lena Ovchynnikova vs Anastasia Yankova matchup.

    1. Anastasia has fought “at 125.” She just hasn’t made weight at 125. Although given her build, she should have no problem making 125, seeing that she’s been overweight for all 3 of her Bellator fights, Anastasia needs to move up to 135, perhaps at Invicta to see how she does against girls her own size. 3 strikes, she should be out! (of the division). Besides, she barely got by Veta Arteaga. In fact, I gave Veta the win. Alas for Veta, Anastasia appears far more marketable so Bellator will probably continue to bend the rules for her.

      1. So I stand correct, if Anastasia Yankova hasn’t made the 125 pounds weight limit for Flyweight in Bellator, then she hasn’t fought at 125 pounds in Bellator. Anastasia Yankova vs Veta Arteaga was a catch weight bout because neither made weight, so they agreed to fight at a catch weight.

  2. Also, Veta Arteaga can’t get a break with the judges when she is fighting against the Bellator beauties. Her fights against Anastasia Yankova and Bruna Ellen were close, but once I heard split decision, I got that feeling of knowing that the decision was not going her way.

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