Ilima-Lei Macfarlane: “Why would I go to the UFC? Hall of Fame fighters are coming here, I’m Bellator through and through”

Bellator flyweight champ Ilima-Lei Macfarlane has no interest in joining the UFC despite popular demand from MMA fans.

Bellator flyweight champ Ilima-Lei Macfarlane not interested in joining the UFC.

Macfarlane (8-0) is one of the most popular female flyweight fighters in the world with many fans and critics arguing she could be the best. The 28-year-old defended her title in last week’s Bellator 201 main event, submitting Alejandra Lara in the third round.

Fans are clamoring to see Macfarlane take on the best of the UFC, however ‘The Illiminator’ is just not interested.

Everybody always asks me, ‘Are you going to go to the UFC? What’s your plan?’ Why would I go to the UFC? You’re seeing more and more fighters come from the UFC over to Bellator and – and not just any fighter (but) like, high-profile fighters; (UFC) Hall of Fame fighters are coming over to Bellator. So, I think that’s just saying a lot about where our organization is going.” she said during a recent chat with MMAJunkie.

Why would I want to leave the people who believed in me and signed me from the beginning? I don’t think I would’ve even got a second look from other promotions. (Bellator Prsident Scott Coker) was the one that believed in me. I’m Bellator through and through,” she continued.

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Fight fans, who do you want to see Macfarlane battle next? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. I’m a fan of Ilima-Lei but I know of no one that argues that she could be among, much less THE best. Apparently agrees, as she is not even rated in the top 10.

    Perhaps she might want to go over to the UFC to test herself against the top Flyweights in the world? Her anticipated fight against Valerie will go far in determining how good she really is. If she destroys Valerie, someone who has never even defeated anyone in the top 10 at 135, 125 or 115 and is her #1 contender, perhaps she should be considered in the top 10 at 125, but probably not. If she wishes to be the top dog in a small pack, Bellator should work well for her. Hopefully, she is compensated well there.

    1. I am a big, big Valerie fan so I am really looking forward to that fight! I think that Ilima-lei is very talented and I look forward to watching her grow!

  2. I’m sure for the right money, she’d go to the UFC. And if she looks good, eventually they’ll make an offer.

  3. For all the A_ _ CLOWNS talking about that fledging Flyweight division in the UFC that doesn’t even have a established top 10, top 20 or top anything and paying attention to those obviously biased towards anything UFC rankings, all of you GO _ YOURSELVES and STFU. The only fighter you idiots can name in that fledging UFC Flyweight division is Valentina Shevchenko. What a bunch A_ _ CLOWNS.

    1. This can’t be the same RODNEY P that’s complaining about me being negative on the UFC’s featherweight division, can it? The UFC’s featherweight division was created more than a year before the flyweight division and has a whopping 2 fighters. Meanwhile, the UFC has a top 15 at flyweight, with the vast majority of the fighters familiar to anyone that follows WMMA. Admittedly, many feel that the none of the fighters are on the same level as Shevchenko, but for a time, that was the attitude towards JJ at 115 and Rousey at 135 and still is towards Cyborg at 145. I’m not sure what your issue is.

  4. Grow up troll. Seriously, you are spending the past 48 years looking for all of my comments like you are some pathetic stalker. You are beyond debating on topics, you are straight pathetically stalking comments. Seriously pathetic.

    1. Grow up troll. Seriously you have spent the past 48 hours looking up my comments like a pathetic stalker just so you can troll them. That is absolutely pathetic.

      1. I try to talk substance and all you can come up with is insults. I was sincerely curious as to why you thought the UFC’s featherweight division showed potential. Obviously it’s been a waste of time. Adios.

  5. For the past 72 hours you are still trolling my comments only like you are a pathetic loser stalker. Unbelievable. Just stop already.

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