August 5, 2020

ICYMI: Photographer tells Tatiana Suarez to keep ‘assets’ visible

Coming off an impressive first-round finish of fellow prospect Alexa Grasso, TUF 23 season winner Tatiana Suarez has recently garnered a lot of attention for her relentless ground game. However, she’s also recently made headlines inside and outside of MMA media due to a clip of a backstage photo shoot leaking where a photographer is heard telling Suarez to pose so her ‘assets’ can still be visible.

The undefeated strawweight contender was being photographed for fighter portraits when photographer Mike Roach tells her to pose with her arms crossed so ‘we can still see the UFC and still see your assets’ a little bit. Check out the clip from Twitter below!

The clip garnered a lot of attention online from news outlets and social media users. Some users were outraged, accusing the photographer of “selling sexuality”. Others thought the photographer was simply doing his job. Check out some replies from Twitter users below!

What are your thoughts? Was the photographer in or out of line?

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2 thoughts on “ICYMI: Photographer tells Tatiana Suarez to keep ‘assets’ visible

  1. Him being out of line/doing his job or not depends on whether his suggestion was borne of his own, uh, ‘creativity’ or specific employer guideline/instruction. I mean, in the case of the women, having the UFC logo unobscured means you’re gonna see whatever boobs are there by default, but to make deliberately non-specific mention of it, if that’s what he even did, seems a tad off-colour…

    Hardly a scandal, ultimately. Had he said that to, say, Felice Herrig she’d have said something right back to remove all doubt as to the context of the comment… I guess we’ll never know.

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