Holly Holm opens up about training for UFC 246 fight whilst caring for hospitalized father: “There were some long nights and scary days”

Holly Holm has opened up about a major personal issue she was facing whilst training for her recent UFC 246 fight against Raquel Pennington.

Holm picked up the unanimous decision win over Raquel Pennington at UFC 246.

Holm (13-5-0) was triumphant in her first appearance of 2020 this past Saturday, defeating Raquel Pennington by way of a unanimous decision.

At the UFC 246 post-fight press conference immediately after the event, Holm revealed that her father had suffered a stroke in the lead-up to the fight.

On Monday afternoon, during an appearance on The Ariel Helwani Show, ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ revealed that her father had just been cleared.

He got out today,” Holm said. “It was definitely a journey.

During her appearance on the show, Holm recalled that on a Sunday morning in December whilst her father was preaching, members of the congregation thought something was wrong and reached out to her. Holm rushed to the church and brought her father to the emergency room, where they discovered he had suffered an intracerebral hemorrhage.

He was in the ICU for four days and in the hospital for 12 days,” Holm said.

Holm’s father suffered a stroke in the weeks leading up to UFC 246.

Holm reveals that herself and her brother took turns being at her father’s side, whilst she juggled training for her fight against Pennington.

Between him and I, we didn’t really leave my dad alone,” Holm said. “We made sure that somebody was there. When you’re dealing with brain bleeds, there’s a lot of confusion. We wanted to make sure he had a familiar face there any time that he would wake up.

There were some long nights there, and some scary days in the hospital. Those little hospital chairs, I spent quite a few nights sleeping on those hospital chairs and going back to training in the morning.”

The Jackson-Wink MMA standout says her team were very understanding and co-operative during this period of time.

I’d train at night sometimes, late, and my team was so great that if I could make it to the gym at night, even if it was late, they would just show up and make sure I could get my training in when I could. I knew that my dad wouldn’t want me to not pursue what I’m doing,” Holm said. “That’s why I kept pushing forward. And I knew that no matter what, if this was going to be something permanent, or something temporary, or whatever it was, we were going to have to work together, move forward and live with it.”

Two days after her UFC 246 victory, on Monday, Holm was finally able to drive her father back home. Holm confirmed he has experienced no paralysis and is on the road to a full recovery.

On how she juggled preparing for her UFC 246 fight whilst also caring for her father.

In this life, you can dig down and get energy where you need to.”


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  1. oh what a disturbing way to get a stroke, while in the middle of a sermon. reminds you of the “berry berry birdtation” that female reporter did at the sports event a few years back. that’s happened to more than one newscaster as i remember. Poor holly, i like her father , he seems like a real good guy.

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