Holly Holm not ready for retirement, will fight on

Holly Holm isn’t ready to hang up the gloves just yet.

Despite suggestions from some that it is time for her to retire, former UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm says that she is far from done with fighting.

Will Holly Holm shock the world again?

Even though she is 1-4 during her last five fights, the New Mexico native told The MMA Hour, “People ask me, ‘you had four out of five losses, four out of five fights are losses and you’re 36 and are you going to return. And I was like, it’s, ‘I still want to fight, that’s the bottom line.’”

Holm, who made history by becoming the first fighter, male or female, to win a world championship in both boxing and MMA, says that the desire is  to compete is still present.

She cites her recent decision loss to Cris Cyborg as one reason to keep fighting. Holm became only the third fighter to take the fearsome Brazilian the distance. and she says, “Why wouldn’t I want to return when I just gave her the toughest fight in weight class that is a heavier weight class from where I usually fight against the biggest person?”

“I was the one who gave her her toughest fight so I don’t really understand the retirement, you know, people think should you retire maybe it’s just because of the way that, you know how those four fights have gone.”

“I know I’m still competitive, have a lot of capabilities if I want to do it. I definitely don’t have the, obviously every year gets a little bit more, maybe I can kind of coming closer. I’m 36, I’ll be 37 next year, I still feel like I’m strong and in competitive shape. I don’t feel 36.”

”I feel competitive and I feel strong feel and I feel can really do well, so I’m keep going to keep going with it.”

Source: MMA Fighting

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  1. Not a huge Holly Holm fan, but I’m with her on this one. She impressed me more in her defeat to Cris than in any of her victories with the exception of Ronda.

    I’m surprised the article doesn’t address what weight class she wishes to continue at. I have heard that she wants to move to 145, but that division is so shallow, I think 135 would make a lot more sense. A victory over Pennington, Vieira or Reneau could possibly propel her into title contention. The only meaningful contender at 145 is Anderson and I’m not sure a victory over her would be enough to get a rematch with Cris.

  2. Her overall game is somewhat limited, but she has skills. It isn’t like she has lost to chumps in either division.

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