Holly Holm discusses upcoming UFC featherweight title shot against Cris Cyborg

Holly Holm will challenge Cris Cyborg for the UFC featherweight title at December 30’s UFC 219 pay-per-view event.

Holly Holm is ready to shock the world once again.

I’m excited, nervous, anxious, all that, but that’s all normal,” Holm recently said. “I’m just wanting to embrace this whole training camp. I know it’s going to be stressful. I know it’s going to be emotional. I want to just take it and do the best I can with it.”

Cris Cyborg has opened up as the huge favorite with the betting lines. Many fans on social media have already ruled out a win for ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’. However, Holm faced the same kind of doubt before she upset then UFC Champion Ronda Rousey for her bantamweight title.

There’s a reason why they are talking about it and not doing it, because they wouldn’t and I will,” said Holm. “That’s just my job and my challenge and they can say what they want. I’m glad that there’s people thinking both ways.

Holm’s trainer Mike Winkeljohn has also heard the doubters and believes they are going to be in for a surprise.

They said the same thing about Ronda Rousey,” said Winkeljohn.” They said the same thing when she was boxing Christy Martin. When she fought Christy Martin, Christy Martin swung for the fences and missed Holly. She hangs up in the ropes and Holly turns and looks at me and I told her she’d have that moment with Ronda Rousey and she did. She’s going to have one of those moments with Cris Cyborg as well.”

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Fight fans, do you think Holly Holm has what it takes to shock the world once again? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. Let’s just say I’ll be pleasantly surprised if she does. If the betting odds get to where they were with Rousey, though, I might go on the limb and bet on Holly.

    1. The Rousey v. Holm odds were INSANE. -1650 For Rousey and +700 For Holm? Somewhere around there.
      Holly Holm probably purchased cars for ALOT of fans and people in her corner who placed bets on the upset.
      I hate Cyborg but he is one hell of a fighter. However Holly is one hell of a boxer and this fight won’t ever get to the ground so……? PLACE YOUR BETS FOLKS! 🙂

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