Heather Corder blasts “foul mouth punk” Jozette Cotton, tells her to “knuckle up or shut up”

Lightweight contender Heather Corder competes this Saturday when she returns after 6 years away from competition to face Evva Johnson at Warrior Fighting Challenge: Bad Blood at 155lbs.

Heather Corder is ready to make a statement on Saturday

Ahead of her bout, Corder has blasted Number 2 Lightweight in the world “The #1 Headbusta” Jozette Cotton saying she is a “foul mouthed punk” and tells her to “knuckle up, or shut up”. The 155lbs division is fast becoming one of the most exciting and fastest growing divisions in MMA. Last week it was revealed Cotton is scheduled to face Sarah “Primal” Patterson for the first ever Lightweight World Championship at Gateway Fighting Series on January 28th 2016, the event will air live on PPV. “The #1 Headbusta” hit headlines earlier this week after demanding more money and going on a foul mouthed rant at her upcoming opponent Sarah Patterson.

The #1 Headbusta, Jozette Cotton

Corder had a lot to say on the controversy surrounding Cotton. “Cotton is a foul mouth punk who deserves to have her ass handed to her. Patterson’s right in saying she has a lot to learn about life and this industry, maybe she should start with respect for her opponent“. She continues “It’s ok to be cocky but in my opinion all that b*llsh*t talk is for the birds. Knuckle up, or shut up”. Corder believes that Cotton is afraid of Patterson “for Patterson to have surgery causing the match to be moved back, I believe Cotton would of still pulled out if the fight was in December because obviously she didn’t want it, there’s no difference between December and January“. Corder expressed her delight at the 155lb division gaining more recognition however “this is extremely great news for us 155ers we finally have a belt to look forward to“.

Corder, pictured left

After a successful pro debut back in September 2009, Corder lost two in a row during 2010 putting her record to 1-2-0, she thus decided to take a break from MMA competition in order to sharpen her skills. Six years later and she’s ready, she tells us her thoughts on her opponent this Saturday Evva Johnson “I have all respect for Johnson. I’m not going to underestimate her. However, I’m there to try my best to win. I’m gonna be there to compete. I believe y’all will get a show!

Corder faces Evva Johnson this Saturday at Warrior Fighting Challenge: Bad Blood. The event begins 7pm EST and will be aired live on GoFightLive and available for up to 30 days after.

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