September 23, 2020

Gladiator Fight Team release lengthy statement in response to Gabi Garcia asking them to respect her history

Gladiator Fight Team have responded to Gabi Garcia for demanding respect from them and calling one of their fighters a “b*tch”.

Garcia (4-0, 1 NC) didn’t take too kindly to being accused of being on steroids by the Gladiator Fight Team. The Brazilian responded by saying the team have been “too disrespectful”, vowing to “hurt this b*tch [Veronika Futina]” and asking them to respect her history.

The Gladiator Fight Team have released an official response to Garcia’ latest comments.

“Garcia asks us to respect her history of victories. Her victories in BJJ are undoubtedly to her merit. However, is it possible to be proud of victories in MMA over very old-aged fighters? She has even attacked some of these ladies in the locker room! Please note, it was Garcia who initially chose this tactic of garbage PR, otherwise we would have respected you Gabi. For starters it would have been worthwhile if you apologized to Oxana for the “accidental eye poke”. Instead, she began to pour mud on Oxana, accusing her of cowardice! By the way, having read Garcia’s comments, Oxana Gagloeva stated that she is actively undergoing rehabilitation after the operation, and possibly by the end of the year she will be in optimal shape! She is looking forward to the eventual rematch. She wants to finish what she started, something which was not stopped by Gabi’s sporting abilities in the ring!”

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One thought on “Gladiator Fight Team release lengthy statement in response to Gabi Garcia asking them to respect her history

  1. I agree with all but respecting Garcia prior to her using “this tactic of garbage PR.” There has been very little Gabi has done in WMMA to command respect and quite a bit she has done to garner a loss of respect. Even in BJJ, she lost to the diminutive Mackenzie Dern who she outweighed by close to a hundred pounds.

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