Gladiator Fight Team: “Gabi Garcia is a stupid steroid fighter who lacks discipline, RIZIN should have dismissed her years ago”

Gladiator Fight Team have responded to RIZIN’s Gabi Garcia for branding them “trash people” as well as mocking Anna Maliukova and Oxana Gagloeva‘s performances when they stepped up to fight her.

Gabi Garcia recently branded the Gladiator Fight Team as “trash people”.

Garcia (4-0, 1 NC) recently slammed the Russian fighting team, and mocked Maliukova for tapping when the two fought in 2016. She also blasted Gagloeva for refusing to continue after being poked in the eye last year.

Sergey Gibelev, the manager of the Gladiator Fight Team’s competitors, has responded to Garcia’s comments.

Garcia is just a stupid fighter. How can one blame Oksana for cowardice and for refusing to fight? I want to remind you that after a damaged cornea in the eye, Oksana needed a major operation. This steroid fighter [Gabi Garcia] did not even apologize! Only Mr. Sakakibara [the RIZIN president] wished Oksana a speedy recovery! I’m sorry that Garcia is part of the show in RIZIN. If she was not interesting, I’m sure that because of her lack of discipline, RIZIN would have dismissed her from fighting a year or two ago.” Gibelev told WMMA Rankings.

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  1. I whole heartedly agree, and he didn’t even mention her coming in 26 pounds over weight to fight a 53 year old politician who hasn’t fought in 17 years. Her last 3 scheduled fights have resulted in either a DQ or forfeiture. She should be banned from professional MMA. She’s a disgrace to the sport.

  2. he’s right. Gabi is a sick joke, not a professional fighter. and she is clearly a steroid abusing loser. complete with roid rage and she is a dirty fighter with the skill of a child.

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