Gina Mazany promises “bloody fight” against Lina Lansberg this Sunday at UFC Liverpool

Gina Mazany returns to action at this Sunday’s UFC Fight Night 130 event to battle Lina Lansberg on the early preliminary portion of the event.

Gina Mazany is hoping to earn the $50,000 win bonus this Sunday.

Mazany (5-1) travels to Liverpool, England, for this Sunday’s fight and she couldn’t be more excited. The 29-year-old, also known as “Danger”, let her feelings be known during a recent chat with James Lynch of Fightful MMA.

I don’t really mind it at all, I’m excited to go to Liverpool. I’m really excited to see the Liverpool fans, I’ve already had them hit me up on Instagram and Twitter. They all seem pretty jazzed about it and that’s a really exciting part of it, I kind of like it because you go away and my phone doesn’t work. I turn of the wi-fi because my phone isn’t working and I kind of like that, it kind of puts me in that fight mode. You know its fight week and you go through the steps of it, it gives me the excuse to explore places and people think I’m cool when I go there,”  Mazany said.

As for the fight against Lansberg, the former TUF 28 competitor believes it’ll be a “bloody, grindy” fight, she’s hoping to take home the $50,000 win bonus.

“I kind of have that feeling likes it gonna be a banger, kind of like my last fight. I thought the girl was gonna want to trade with me for awhile, but then she started grinding me against the fence. I have a feeling that will happen again, I have a sense that she will want to clinch with me and try to bully me around. I really don’t see her out grinding me cardio wise or physical wise, I really do think its gonna be grindy. I really do think its going to be bloody to, I feel like its gonna be a bloody fight because she wears damage and I run my head into everything…so I wear damage. For my fight kit, I chose gray or white because its gonna be bloody, lets make this a brand bloody…lets make this a $50,000 bonus fight. I think it would be a bloody, grindy fight. I mean whether it goes one minute or fifteen minutes, but we’ll see. Who knows, maybe she’ll have some tricks up her sleeve she’s waiting to debut since her last fight. I don’t know, I guess we’ll find out,” says Mazany.

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UFC Fight Night 130 takes place this Sunday May 27 from the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom. The early preliminary card featuring Lansberg vs. Mazany airs live on UFC Fight Pass from 10am ET.



  1. gonna be a boring fight which Lansberg holds this part timer against the cage for 15 minutes and occasionally hits her with a short elbow. yawn.

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