GFS Sioux City: #CottonVSPatterson still going ahead? Lightweight fighters react, want title shot

Yesterday we reported that “The #1 Headbusta”, the Number 2 Lightweight in the world Jozette Cotton was potentially dropping out from her history making title fight against Sarah “Primal” Patterson at Gateway Fighting Series which takes place from the Abu Bekr Shrine Temple, Sioux City on January 28th 2017. We can reveal as of right now the plan is to keep the original bout.

Meanwhile fellow top ranked Lightweight competitors have reacted to yesterdays news.

Former Bellator star, Number 4 Lightweight Gabrielle “Gabanator” Holloway told us “I would definitely step in for a title fight if I’m available. That would be cool to make history twice because I was the first female pro MMA fight in the state of MD.” She added “I’m not surprised about Cotton I never liked her attitude or image. No female fighter like her.

Number 5 Andria Wawro said “I’m not thrilled about that match up because I don’t care much for Cotton but I’m glad Sarah has a fight at least.” Andria Wawro has not been in action since March of this year as she is currently out with an injury and requires surgery “I was asked to fight so I was putting it off but it fell through so I have surgery on Dec 8. I’ve still been training, it’s just a lot to deal with. I’m hoping I can return early next year. I’ll need to get a fight camp together and just get after it as soon as I’m healed.” Wawro told us she “could be persuaded” to postpone surgery if a vacancy in the championship bout came around.

Invicta FC Lightweight Felicia Spencer revealed she found the introduction of the Lightweight Championship “very interesting”, she has her eye on the belt if Invicta FC grant her special permission to compete for Gateway Fighting Series. Invicta FC do not currently have a 155lbs title belt.

Elsewhere Killastina Makihele who lost to Patterson back in August of this year via round 2 TKO tells us “I’d love a rematch [with Patterson]. I was going through some family loss and some bad news on cutting week ,so [next time] I should be clear minded.”

Previously, Brittney Elkin and Charlene Donahue expressed interest in competing for the lightweight championship belt.

The 155lbs women’s division is certainly heating up! One thing is for sure January 28th 2017, history will be made at Gateway Fighting Series: Sioux City. Who do you think is going to become the NEW Lightweight champion of the world? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Congratulations to all of you on your class. You are properly representing the sport of wmma and should be proud. Killa I thought something was up cause others said you hadn’t missed weight before. Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Thank you Sarah! I would love to fight the winner hah!… Good luck to both of you women. Cotton is actually pretty cool in person, I got to hang out with her and her peps they treated me with the up most respect and awesome hospitality after the fight. It’s not like we are going to a tea party ladys lol! win or not keep it moving.

  3. No, it’s not a tea party. Burt there’s nothing wrong with showing class. And making weight in my opinion is a must. If one doesn’t, they disrespect their team, their opponent, and the organization they’re fighting for. That’s my biggest complaint with Jozette, that she doesn’t seem to have ANY respect for anyone including herself. I’m glad that you’ve had a good experience with her but I’ve seen so much negativity come from her, I don’t think my opinion of her can change. Also she doesn’t seem to be accountable for her actions. She just blames missing weight on other factors instead of saying “I messed up, I’ll try to do better next time”. One can’t really improve if they’re not even willing to admit they were wrong in the first place.

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