GFS Lightweight Championship: Patterson VS Brents this Friday – How To Watch

Women’s MMA is constantly growing, and this Friday March 3rd history will be made when Sarah Patterson and Tamikka Brents fight it out for the inaugural 155lb lightweight world championship.

The fight will be presented by Gateway Fighting Series. The event will be aired live on PPV at

This is an exciting match-up which fans of women’s MMA and it’s growth do not want to miss, it’s history and the beginning of a new era. The 155lb women’s division has been growing rapidly over the past twelve months, it was only a matter of time before organizations begun to introduce a belt for the division.

Gateway Fighting Series have acquired two of the best 155lb lightweight fighters in the world to fight for the inaugural belt – Sarah Patterson and Tamikka Brents.

Patterson has finished brutally finished three opponents in a row.

With the number one lightweight Bobbi-Jo Dalziel currently in the process of moving division, this leaves the spot open for Sarah ‘Primal’ Patterson to shine. Patterson (4-2-0) is currently the number two ranked lightweight contender in the world. She’s currently on a three fight winning streak, with submission wins over Kate Bloomfield, Erica Grover and Killastina Makihele. She has shown the ability to do a lot of damage to opponents on the ground, her ground work is reminiscent of UFC superstar Khabib Nurmagomedov, due to the way that she effortlessly mauls her opens once in top position. Patterson believes 2017 will be the year she makes a statement to the entire MMA world, she believes she will be the woman to bring mainstream attention to the lightweights much like how Ronda Rousey did for the bantamweights and Cris Cyborg with the featherweights. There is one person standing in her way however, Tamikka Brents.

Tamikka Brents makes her hugely anticipated return to the cage.

Tamikka “Boom Boom” Brents (2-2-0 pro, 8-0 amateur) makes her hugely anticipated return to MMA competition after an over 48 month hiatus. After suffering two losses in a row for the first time in her career, Brents has been perfecting her MMA game and is now ready to come back and make a devastating statement to the MMA world. She suffered her first ever career loss in June 2014, losing a hard fought three round battle to the current number one lightweight Bobbi-Jo Dalziel. She is known as Dalziel’s toughest opponent to date, with many fans wanting to see a rematch. She suffered a devastating second career loss to Fallon Fox, Brents reportedly suffered a concussion and a broken orbital bone during the two-minute beatdown. The fight was a very controversial one however. With Fox being a transgender fighter many fan protested she should not be allowed to fight due to strength advantages. Fox went on to retire from MMA competition shortly after the fight. Brents is now ready to make a return and she’s looking to capture the belt and continue on her path to number one. As an amateur she was undefeated with her record including four TKO’s, 1 KO and a rear-naked choke.

Patterson and Brents is a very exciting fight, as well as being an important one to women’s MMA. Both women have shown a tendency to finish opponents in the first round and both women are extremely hard hitters. One thing is for sure, fans are in for a very exciting fight. Are you rooting for Patterson or Brents?

GFS: Patterson VS Brents takes place this Friday March 3rd. The event will be aired live on pay-per-view for $9.99 and can be purchased by clicking HERE.



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