September 24, 2020

Gabi Garcia talks eye-poke incident, claims Oxana Gagloeva and her team are lying

Gabi Garcia has claimed that heavyweight contender Oxana Gagloeva is lying about her eye injury.  The pair were set to meet this past Sunday at RIZIN FF 6. The fight lasted only 16 seconds and ended in no-contest due to Garcia landing an accidental eye poke in the first round. Gagloeva had five minutes to recover but refused to continue. The Russian looked visibly upset and was seen telling the RIZIN staff that she believes Garcia poked her in the eye on purpose.

Garcia claims Oxana Gagloeva and her team have lied about the eye-poke incident.

Since the fight, it has been revealed that Gagloeva suffered a severely damaged cornea due to the eye-poke. Meanwhile, Garcia has publicly branded the Russian a “p**sy” and “coward“. Gagloeva’s team responded, saying “Gabi Garcia is the benchmark of a fighter who does not respect other fighters“.

Garcia (4-0, 1 NC) claims that Gagloeva and her team are lying. She is certain the injuries sustained by Oxana were not from the eye-poke. She spoke in-depth about the situation on her Instagram page.

Pride is what I feel every day when I wake up. Coward is the word for Gagloeva. On Sunday after a low kick I received an overhand that struck my face and my blow was at the same time, no one understood, the public, me. The coaches of my opponent were telling her to continue the fight, the doctors also told her she could continue, however this was the coward’s way of putting money in her pocket and giving up” Garcia wrote. “Soon after the fight, she was on her cell phone in front of everyone, walking normally in the hotel“.

Garcia admits she is sad she did not get to finish the fight and reveals she had problems of her own, but she would never withdraw from a fight.

My sadness is in the fact I did not to finish the fight. How much love I get from the Japanese audience, I love to fight here, I love this show, I trained a lot, I spent a lot of money with my training and coaches. I left my family and friends. I struggled in my menstrual period with a shoulder injury, a torn knee ligament for 6 months and never gave the excuse of not fighting” Garcia said.

I was born to fight, I received many positive messages about having heart. I cried a lot, sadness for cowards. If you decide to be a fighter know that pain is your friend, fear is by your side, people will love you and hate you, however this was your choice and giving up is the worst cowardice, the only thing a fighter can not have is fear” Garcia continued.

The Brazilian believes Gagloeva was unable to handle the huge crowd. She is keen to get another fight in as soon as possible.

Oxana was swallowed by a huge crowd in the Saitama, the lights, the sound. I hope to come back fast, I want to fight. Fighting is what everyone wants to do, until they feel the pressure. Coward sums up Oksana” Garcia said.

RIZIN Fighting Federation 6 took place on 30 July from the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The event was aired live on pay-per-view.

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7 thoughts on “Gabi Garcia talks eye-poke incident, claims Oxana Gagloeva and her team are lying

  1. Hilarious, Gabi Garcia doesn’t even want to acknowledge she poked Oxana Gagloeva in the eye even though every video confirms that is exactly what she did. Have some sportsmanship Gabi Garcia.

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