August 3, 2020

Gabi Garcia rips into ‘p**sy’ and ‘coward’ Oxana Gagloeva: “Doctors said she could fight”

Heavyweight queen Gabi Garcia is not happy with her most recent opponent, Oxana Gagloeva. This past Sunday at RIZIN FF 6, the highly anticipated women’s heavyweight fight between the pair ended in a no-contest. Garcia landed an accidental eye poke in the first round, Gagloeva had five minutes to recover but refused to continue.

Following the incident, Gagloeva took to her Instagram page to blast RIZIN FF as an organization, as well as Gabi Garcia as a fighter.

Now, Garcia (4-0, 1 NC), who is the number-one ranked heavyweight fighter in the world, has come forward with her thoughts. The Brazilian feels as though Gagloeva behaved like a “pu**y” and a “coward”. She claims she did not do anything illegal and says the doctors said Gagloeva was fine to fight. Take a look at her comments below.

Click HERE to view the WMMA heavyweight world rankings.

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12 thoughts on “Gabi Garcia rips into ‘p**sy’ and ‘coward’ Oxana Gagloeva: “Doctors said she could fight”

  1. There is no way around… Now Gabi Garcia face King Reina. Destanie Yarbrough face Jazzy Gabert. Gagloeva face Joaquina Bonfim.
    If Garcia and Yarbrough win… We gonna whatch a rematch Gabi vs Destanie at the turn of the Year.
    RIZIN FF must call Barbara Nepomuceno and Katya Kavaleva to whipping that Franchise into shape (ASAP).

  2. Isn’t it hilarious that the fighter who fouls is the one calling the other fighter out for quitting. The person Gabi Garcia should be blaming is hersel, don’t break the rules next time

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