Gabi Garcia and Katya Kavaleva go at it on social media before the Brazilian blocks Kavaleva on Instagram

This past Saturday at RIZIN FF 4, number 1 heavyweight fighter in the world Gabi Garcia emerged victorious over 49 year old retired pro-wrestler Yumiko Hotta. After the fight, German pro-wrestler turned MMA fighter Jazzy Gabert entered the ring and challenged the Brazilian. The two engaged in a war of words and almost coming to blows, before being separated.

6’5ft heavyweight kickboxing world champion Katya Kavaleva believes Gabi Garcia is afraid of her.

It seems RIZIN may have finally found a legit opponent for Gabi Garcia (4-0-0) in Jazzy Gabert (1-0-0). Gabert is of similar size to Garcia which makes the fight very compelling.

Another fighter who has wanted to face Gabi Garcia for a long time is 6’5ft kickboxing world champion from Belarus, Katya Kavaleva. The Blackzilians star was one of the first people to hit out at RIZIN’s decision to give Gabi Garcia a fight against a 49 year old retired pro-wrestler in a bout which many fans felt was a mismatch. Kavaleva said the matchmaking is more like a “WWE event”, claiming that the Garcia has no chance in a fight against her, and that her team are “ducking” her.¬†She says that RIZIN FF have lost their chance, and she no longer wishes to fight for the organisation. Instead, she is hoping a potential fight with Garcia can take place for the UFC, Bellator MMA or Invicta FC.

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Garcia is currently the number 1 heavyweight female fighter on the planet, with a 4-0-0 record.

After almost six months, the Brazilian giant Gabi Garcia has now responded to Katya Kavaeva on her Instagram page, as well as mentioning Jazzy Gabert. She posted a picture on her Instagram page of the pair, with the caption “Hey @rizin_pr, I’m ready, for next challenges“. She posted a further message to the kickboxing champ Kavaleva “I asked rizin! i need fight whit you! i have my contract! i hope fight whit u soon“.

Kavaleva was quick to respond, telling Garcia “Gabi let’s be honest my manager spoke with you as early as July. We have been trying to get your bosses at RIZIN to accept a fight against me and they declined and allowed you to fight something that can’t even be called a MMA fight. I openly challenged you all over the media and your bosses ducked me plain and simple, now we need to get one of the big U.S. promotion, – UFC, Bellator or Invicta to set up this fight and let me prove to the world once and for all who’s the tougher fighter.”

Kavaleva’s manager Richard Reisman has revealed to us that Gabi Garcia blocked the beautiful heavyweight kickboxing world champion on Instagram after the latest exchange. Blocking a fighter is never a good sign in MMA, UFC bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes revealed prior to her fight with Ronda Rousey that she was blocked by the former champ. We all know how that fight went down in the end. Garcia has also made her Instagram a private profile since the exchange.

UPDATE: Gabi Garcia has fired back at Katya’s representatives for making up lies. The Brazilian says she never blocked Kavaleva on Instagram. Click HERE to read more.

Are you #TeamGabi or #TeamKatya ? Would you like to see this fight take place? Is Gabi Garcia afraid of Katya Kavaleva? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. I don’t know if it’s true or not.
    RIZIN should promote this match after Gabi Garcia faces Jazzy Gabert.

    If Gabi beat her.

    Women’s heavyweight division needs to have other athletes in progress. I saw an interesting list of women onyoutube.
    Abbey Frazier, Maria Suelen Altheman, Tayane Araujo, Idalys Ortiz, Joaquina Bonfim, Tanzee Daniel, Sonya Lamonakis or Miranda “Little Bear”.
    Any one of them can face Gabi Garcia very well. Many of these girls should fight each other to bring life to heavyweight division.

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