September 23, 2020

Gabi Garcia on Gladiator Fight Team’s steroid allegations: “This is too much disrespect. I’m going to hurt this b*tch, they need to respect my history”

RIZIN heavyweight Gabi Garcia if furious with Gladiator Fight Team for accusing her of being on steroids.

Garcia is furious with the Gladiator Fight Team and vows to hurt Veronika Futina.

Earlier this week, Garcia (4-0, 1 NC) branded all the athletes of the Russian based team as “trash people” and poked fun at Anna Maliukova and Oxana Gagloeva’s attempts at fighting against her previously. Gladiator Fight Team responded by referring to Garcia as a “stupid steroid fighter” and saying she should have been fired by RIZIN years ago for her “lack of discipline”.

The latest comments from the Gladiator Fight Team seemed to have angered Garcia like never before. The Brazilian is not taking kindly to being accused of being on steroids and vows to hurt their latest protegee, Veronika Futina, when the pair inevitably meet later this year.

Very little respect this team have. Anna [Maliukova] tapped in the first round whilst the other one [Oxana Gagloeva] gave up. Respect my history. I have all my tests! This MTF needs attention! I need this fight so I can hurt this bitch [Veronika Futina]! How is their country [Russia] banned in the Olympics ? Stop this bullshit. Too much disrespect here” Garcia said.

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Fight fans, how do you feel about the situation? Do you agree with Garcia or the Gladiator Fight Team? Let us know in the comments section below.


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