Gabi Garcia on fighting Barbara Nepomuceno: “She lost to Katya Kavaleva and Val Stanski, I need big challenges”

Gabi Garcia has revealed she is not interested in fighting, Barbara Nepomuceno, the former super-middleweight kickboxing world champion who recently announced she is transitioning to mixed martial arts.

The RIZIN FF star says she only wants the “big challenges” and does not believe her fellow Brazilian is worthy of fighting her, due to her only two career losses, Katya Kavaleva and Val Stanski. She would prefer a fight against Val Stanski, if she was willing to make the transition to MMA. Take a look at her tweets below.

Nepomuceno competed in the Kickboxing World Championships tournament in 2015, coming second-place to Katya Kavaleva. She went on to turn professional, gaining an undefeated record and creating highlight reel performances. However, she suffered her first professional loss last month, losing her WGP super-middleweight championship to Val Stanski, due to an injury she suffered in the clinch. Her coach recently revealed she will be looking to make her MMA debut in January 2018. (You can take a look at highlights from her recent loss to Stanski below).

Meanwhile, Katya Kavaleva, the 6’5ft kickboxer who holds a 2015 win over Nepomuceno, has also actively been training for her MMA debut.

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Inacreditável 😞

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  1. All those steroids that Gabi has been taking must have addled her $enses. I’m pretty sure a fight with Barbara Nepomuceno would garner her a much bigger pay day and a lot more attention than one against Val. Howrver, she’s probably justifiably concerned about getting KTFO. It’s interesting to note that she made no mention of wanting to face Katya Kavaleva, the kickboxer that beat Barbara.

  2. I like Gabi Garcia BUT SHE’S DODGING A FIGHT. The best skill Barbara Nepomuceno has is exactly the weakest Gabi has: STRIKING. I know for a fact that Barbara Nepomuceno, a WGP champion, is a bigger challenge than any woman Gabi Garcia fought until now. If Gabi thinks Barbara isn’t good enough, accept the fight and proove her wrong in the ring.

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