Gabi Garcia claims Barbara Nepomuceno is calling her out on social media but refusing to sign bout agreements

Heavyweight star Gabi Garcia is claiming that despite call-outs on social media, Barbara Nepomuceno is refusing to sign a bout agreement for a superfight between the pair.

Garcia claims Nepomuceno is refusing to sign bout agreements.

Nepomuceno is a multiple-time WGP 185-pound kickboxing world champion. The 28-year-old trains at Team Big G with highly acclaimed head coach, Augusto Nasser. In 2015 she came second in the Kickboxing World Championships, with the 6″5ft heavyweight competitor, Katya Kavaleva, taking first place. Nepomuceno has made it known for quite sometime that she would like to someday fight Gabi Garcia in MMA. Earlier this year she signed with ROAD FC, the same organization which Gabi Garcia most recently competed for, Nepomuceno is slated to make her professional MMA debut with the company in the near future.

According to Garcia, Nepomuceno has been offered the fight against her but is refusing to sign any bout agreements.

She runs.” Garcia said, in response to a fan asking her to fight Nepomuceno on social media. “This girl’s just talking too much! When asked for sign never accepted!” she continued.

An MMA fight between Garcia and Nepomuceno would certainly be an interesting one. Garcia, a multiple-time heavyweight BJJ world champion vs. Barbara Nepomuceno, a multiple-time super-middleweight kickboxing world title-holder.

Take a look at some of Nepomuceno’s highlights below:

WMMA World Rankings

Fight fans, how do you feel about Garcia’s comments? If the fight against Barbara Nepomuceno something you want to someday see?



  1. Well, duh, “… that she would like to someday fight Gabi Garcia in MMA,” does not necessarily mean that she wants Gabi as her inaugural MMA fight. Just maybe she would like to get some experience before taking on WMMA’s #1 HW. I do look forward to the fight eventually.

    1. JR Yuen, Barbara Nepomuceno was clear, specific and direct when she called out Gabi Garcia: “I am a champion, I have trained with men, you Gabi and I can give a good show to Japan fans, to the world fans (…) I am challenging you publicly and I hope you accept my invitation.”

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