Gabi Garcia blasts Jazzy Gabert for stalking her on Instagram, includes picture evidence: “She’s in love with me”

Gabi Garcia has fired back at Jazzy Gabert for publicly blasting her earlier this week.

Garcia believes she has a secret admirer in Jazzy Gabert.

This past Thursday, Gabert branded Garcia a “joke” and “a disgrace to the beautiful sport of MMA”. Now Garcia has responded. The RIZIN heavyweight star believes that Gabert is in love with her due to the fact that she doesn’t follow her on Instagram yet views her stories.

She’s in love with me. She doesn’t follow me on Instagram but when I turn my page public, everyday she’s on there. This is the question, why are you hating on one person? Talking shit and don’t stop! It’s crazy, haters just trying to get attention” Garcia told WMMA Rankings.

The Brazilian also sent in several pictures, take a look at them below:

WMMA Middleweight+ World Rankings

Fight fans, what do you think about the situation? Would you like to see Gabert and Garcia fight each other in 2018? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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