Gabby Holloway talks fighting for Bellator MMA, championship aspirations, upcoming Budd-Blencowe showdown and more

Gabby Holloway is riding high off a shocking victory at the Bellator 174 event this past March when she knocked out Alexis Dufresne in the second-round following some lethal ground-and-pound. The result was considered an upset for many reasons, Dufresne is no easy opponent and was coming off an impressive victory of her own after submitting WMMA pioneer Marloes Coenen in the first round in May 2016 at Bellator 155.

Gabby Holloway is the number-nine ranked featherweight fighter in the world.

Holloway (6-5-0) is currently the number-nine ranked featherweight fighter in the world, according to the WMMA world rankings. The 27-year-old has never been finished inside both her amateur and professional mixed martial arts careers, finishing four of her six career victories within the first two rounds. Also known as the ‘Gabanator’, Holloway fights out of Orange, Virginia, United States and currently trains at the Evolve Academy. She feels as though she has made significant improvements to her MMA game over the past year and is hoping to continue showcasing it in her next fight.

Holloway recently took part in an interview with WMMA Rankings. She discussed a number of topics including what it means to be fighting for Bellator MMA, her shock victory over Alexis Dufresne, which of her losses she’d like to avenge the most, the upcoming ‘Budd vs. Blencowe 2’ featherweight title showdown and lots more. Take a look at the transcript below.

Holloway has never been finished inside her MMA career.

What does it mean for you to be a member of the Bellator MMA featherweight roster?
Fighting for Bellator means that all of the hard work we have put in is paying off and is not going unnoticed. From myself as a professional athlete, Evolve Academy where I train, Pre-PostGame who always has my back and of course my fans that support me. Bellator has the top featherweight division for the simple fact they have a variety of skilled fighters who bring different styles and personalities to the cage. Bellator showcases the true solid featherweights who belong at 145 pounds.

You last competed at the Bellator 174 event in March when you shocked the world by knocking out Alexis Dufresne. Eight months on, how are you feeling about the victory?
I’m happy with that victory. There’s always room for improvements. The turning point in my career will be when I have the title.

Holloway destroyed Alexis Dufresne at the Bellator 174 event earlier this year.

Your sole losses to active featherweights come by way of close hard-fought decisions against top-ranked talent including Julia Budd, Arlene Blencowe, Amanda Bell and Brittney Elkin. Which of the four losses would you like to avenge the most and why?
Whoever is in front of me, on the way for the belt. No preference. I expect the same results with any of them. A win by Holloway.

Arlene Blencowe will challenge Julia Budd for the featherweight title on December 1. Do you have any predictions for the fight and could you see yourself eventually challenging the winner?
I see this fight staying on the feet majority of the time, with a little up against the cage dirty boxing from both fighters. If it goes to the ground I see Julia Budd going for submissions, with the fight going to judges decision. Yeah, I definitely challenge the winner. It’s no secret I’m coming for the belt.

What are your goals in MMA when it comes to from now and this time next year?
Keep winning and become champion.

Thank you Gabby, is there anything you’d like to add?
Thank you Evolve Academy, Pre-PostGame, and Bellator for providing me with the platform. Check me out at

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Gabby ‘Gabanator’ Holloway on Social Media

Fight fans, are you excited for Holloway’s return to action? Who would you like to see her face? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. Is Gabby Holloway the first Afro American female to win a fight in the Bellator cage? Also, Gabby Holloway is a entirely different fighter when she has a full camp as oppose to when she takes fights on short notice. She fought Julia Budd on short notice and still went the distance with Julia Budd. And she had a full camp for Alexis Dufrense and beat her down for the victory. Those are just two examples right there between having a full camp and not having a full camp.

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