Former UFC champ Dominick Cruz blasts “cheating” Mackenzie Dern: “There’s a reason we have weight classes”

Former UFC bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz is not happy with Mackenzie Dern for weighing in as a flyweight for her recent strawweight showdown against Amanda Cooper.

Dominick Cruz is not happy with Mackenzie Dern for “basically cheating”.

Dern (7-0) was victorious at this past Saturday’s UFC 224 event, submitting Cooper in the very first round. Cruz feels as though Dern had an unfair advantage and says weight-classes were made for a reason. He believes Dern is basically a cheater.

That weight is a huge advantage,” Cruz said of Dern’s failed weight cut. “There’s a reason, ladies and gentlemen, why we have weight classes. When you’re seven pounds over a weight class, that is not trying to make weight. That is creating yourself an advantage to win. Because in the end, how sad was Dern about the weight loss or being too heavy? She was just happy to have the win.

That’s the point of this sport to win and when you come in with that big of a weight advantage, being a 45’er to a 35’er, being a 35’er to a 25’er, being a 85’er to a 70 pounder, that’s an advantage. That’s a huge advantage and it’s basically cheating in my opinion.

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  1. I think part of the issue with Dern is the bjj culture she comes from. After all, she fought Gabi Garcia, who outweighed her by about a hundred pounds, and defeated her. She may wonder what the big deal is about a mere 7 pounds. She’s in MMA now, and I don’t know how much it was stressed to her the importance of making weight is. I’m sure she was informed that if she didn’t make weight, she would have to forfeit a portion of her purse, but she may have felt like that was the extent of it and whether she came in 1.25 pounds overweight or 5 pounds overweight, it was the same penalty. I’m almost surprised that the commission allowed it to go on at 7 pounds overweight. What they should do, as an incentive to get as close to weight as possible, is to penalize the offending fighter 10% of their purse per pound overweight. In this case, it would have been 70% of her purse. If either fighter opted not to fight, it would be deducted from the next fight she took.

    1. Thats a very good point (coming from BJJ culture) and incentive proposal.
      I like Dern a lot and I am 100% for safe weight cutting but this was negligence.

  2. 115 fights at 115 or there is no fight. Even a pound over stop the fight. There must be an end to this madness of catchweight and it must be eliminated. Fighting at a catchweight does nothing for the division they fight in. Miss weight lose ranking!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Agree with Cruz. The UFC should adopt rules to make it as hard to cheat or game the system on weight cuts as it is to get by with doping.

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