Former heavyweight competitor Abbey Frazier: “Gabi Garcia is a pioneer of the sport, especially for heavyweights”

Abbey Frazier, a former heavyweight MMA competitor, recently spoke to WMMA Rankings about the growth of the division, the current number-one heavyweight fighter in the world Gabi Garcia, as well as the possibility of a return to the cage

Abbey Frazier
Frazier credits Gabi Garcia for being a pioneer of the sport.

Frazier went 2-1 as an amateur heavyweight, with her two career victories coming inside the first round. She explains how she used to find it very difficult to find a fight. She credits Gabi Garcia for being a pioneer of the sport for and helping the division find it’s place in the mainstream MMA world.

“Since I started MMA back in 2013, heavyweight women didn’t get much attention and it was very hard for me to find a fight. Heavyweights fighting on a national scale was unheard of, for me personally. Gabi is a total pioneer for the sport, especially heavyweights. Her physique is uncommon for women our size” Frazier said.

The 26-year-old feels as though the reason heavyweights have not been recognized until now is due to a lack of real competition. She finds it very “exciting” that a fully fledged division is now beginning to form.

Undefeated Gabi Garcia has looked absolutely unstoppable since making her professional debut in December 2015.

“Most of the women who are our size, tend to be overweight with just a little bit of athletic ability. Then you have heavyweights like me or Sonya Lamonakis, who are just a little taller and more lean with power, strength, more agility and stamina. Fights with women who lack agility, stamina, and overall athletic ability is not fun to watch (just my opinion), so we tend to get a bad rep. More women like Gabi and Sonya are starting to come through the curtain and make themselves known and I think it is an awesome thing and very exciting to watch” Frazier explained.

Indeed, since Frazier last competed in MMA competition, many athletically gifted heavyweight MMA female stars have begun to emerge, such as Destanie Yarbrough, Jazzy Gabert, Anna Maliukova, Lei’D Tapa – as well as women from other combat sports who have announced they plan to make the move to MMA, including Katya KavalevaJoaquina Bonfim and Carlette Ewell.

Frazier says she has no plans to return to the MMA game right now as she is focusing on her career, however she admits the thought does cross her mind every now and then.

I have not been in the fight game for about two years now, unfortunately. I have a career that I absolutely love and fighting for me was an extra add on. I don’t have any plans to make my come back; however, the thought always lingers in the back of my mind” Parker admitted.

Meanwhile, Gabi Garcia attempts to improve her professional MMA record to 5-0 this Sunday when she battles a former heavyweight boxing champion in Oxana Gagloeva at RIZIN FF 6. The event takes place from the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan and will be aired live on pay-per-view, click HERE to purchase.

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