Footage has emerged of judge not paying attention to UFC 247’s Andrea Lee vs. Lauren Murphy fight, take a look

Footage has finally emerged of the judge who was caught out by Joe Rogan and Dominick Cruz for not paying attention to the UFC 247 fight between Lauren Murphy and Andrea Lee.

Andrea Lee lost a controversial split decision to Lauren Murphy at UFC 247.

Audience members, commentators and social media critics were largely bewildered by the scoring for many of the fights on this past Saturday’s UFC 247 event, including the women’s flyweight contest between Lauren Murphy and Andrea Lee.

Lee lost a split decision to Murphy. One judge scored the bout 29-28 in Lee’s favor, whislt the other two scored it 29-28 and 30-27 for Murphy.

During the fight, commentators Joe Rogan and Dominick Cruz noted how one of the judges appeared to be paying zero attention to the women in the cage. Following the event, Lee has called for the judge in question to be fired from his job.

Andy Nguyen, best friend and training partner of Andrea Lee, took to her Twitter page on Monday to share close-up footage of the judge not paying attention to the fight. Take a look below.



  1. This is outrageous. These fighters work their asses off to compete in a dangerous sport. And than their efforts are judged by a clown like that. It’s beyond unacceptable.

  2. That piece of shit can look at his phone from the comfort of his own living room, give this seat up to someone who cares about the athletes & the effort they’re exerting in the ring. No place for this & hopefully I’ll read something in the days ahead he’s no longer a judge – ANYWHERE !!

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