September 24, 2020

Felicia Spencer gears up for the UFC women’s featherweight title in times of quarantine

The Jungle closed their public classes, but the featherweight contender Felicia “FeeNom” Spencer prepared for her title shot behind closed doors, as she takes on Amanda Nunes at UFC 250.

“I have two training partners that I picked in the beginning of all of this. We are able to go in privately to the gym,” Spencer said. “The owner luckily has been very supportive of the camp, letting us being able to train there.”

The Orlando-based gym didn’t have more than six people during Spencer’s training sessions. She and her husband, Todd Coppinger, practiced social distancing while hitting mitts and taking walks at the park.

“I was uncertain the first couple of weeks when things started to change as far as quarantine and shutdowns. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but we figured it out day by day,” Spencer said. “It became the new normal, and it’s kind of nice to have a little bit of flexibility, spending a lot of time in recovery, and also some extra downtime.”

Coppinger has the company of his daughter, Addie, from Illinois. Addie’s mother wanted her to stay with her father, since she works at a prison and feared that their daughter might get sick.

“She does her homework at the gym, and I get my morning lift in, and when we’re done we all head home and have lunch,” Coppinger said. “I’m very blessed and lucky as for Felicia and Addie to be in the situation that we are in. I love just seeing Fee, every day I wake up, ‘Gosh, how cool is this, my wife is going to be a world champion.’”

Though Addie has been to a couple of Spencer’s Invicta FC fights, she wont be in attendance at UFC 250. Instead she will watch it from her aunt’s couch. Coppinger will be in Spencer’s corner.

“He’s always in my corner ever since I’ve been in the UFC. It’s nice to keep the same consistency, keeping things light-hearted,” Spencer said. “We all like to goof around and joke and stuff. It would be nice to keep some of that light-heartedness in the backroom.”

Signing with the UFC, Spencer knew a fight with the best in the division was around the corner. It’s a division that’s still growing and developing, she added.

“I do feel like this is a huge opportunity for me to step in and become the face of the division, to take the belt from Amanda and start my legacy in the UFC,” Spencer said. “I don’t think her GOAT status would transfer to me, but this would be a start to cement my legacy.”

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