Felice Herrig details third round exchange with Cortney Casey at UFC 218

With 55 seconds left in the third and final round, Felice Herrig clips Cortney Casey with a solid left hook that causes blood to trickle from the nose of Casey. ‘Lil Bulldog’ moves back to the center of the octagon and grimaces, sticking her tongue out at her foe. ‘Cast Iron’ Casey lifts her hand and wipes the blood from her nose, flicking it directly at Herrig, causing the crowd to Detroit crowd to erupt in cheers. The pair meet at the center of the octagon and exchange F-bombs and middle fingers before throwing leather to close the round.

Since this fight aired on the Fox Sports 1 prelims, the majority of this tense exchange was censored and blacked out, leaving fans puzzled as to what was going on. Check out the clip below to see the uncensored footage!

After being declared the winner via split-decision, Herrig clarified that there are no hard feelings toward Casey on her part, stating that the fight game is “emotional.” Backstage celebrating her fourth-straight victory, media members were quick to ask Herrig to detail the vulgar exchange. “Oh, we both went full on Nick Diaz or whatever,” she giggled.¬†“She was– she got a little upset because I got her with a shot and I saw it on her face. I don’t know, fighters get emotional.”

Felice further clarified what is actually was that Casey flung at her– “She flicked a booger at me. It was great. It’s entertaining for the fans. I like that, I like being in entertaining fights. I’m not mad at her. But it was cool, I was entertained by it. It was definitely¬†blood,” she said. “It was a big chunk of blood that Cortney flicked at me. And I don’t know, it might have hit me, it might have landed on me. Usually you can’t throw blood, you can only throw it if it’s a chunk of blood, which means I must’ve done something to her nose.”

“Nobody has ever done that to me. Like I said, I’m not really mad about it. I think most people would be mad, they’d think it;s like disrespectful,” she continued. “But we were both in the heat of the moment, we were both cussing at each other. I saw it (bloody-booger chunk) on the canvas afterwards”.

“Yes, that’s my thing. I always get bodily fluids thrown at me in fights,” Herrig joked to reporters.


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  1. I had the fight in Casey’s favor, despite the immature behavior inside the cage. Maybe if Casey had clipped Felice with a kick to the chin when Felice stuck her tongue out, it would’ve been a deciding factor in her favor. It seems like the same judges judged this fight as the last Nunes/Shevchenko fight. They seem to be weighing things differently than I do. Fightmetric.com had Casey outstriking Felice in every round, if only slightly in the second. True, Felice did get a takedown in round 1 but Casey got a reversal. Would love to have someone explain the judges’ decision.

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