Eyewitness Chris Weidman discusses the recent Cyborg VS Magana incident

The 2017 UFC Athlete Retreat did not go without its controversy. Former Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg decided to punch UFC strawweight Angela Magana  in the face, following months of social media torment from the latter. Now, former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, who was present at the scene, has come forward with his thoughts on the incident.

Chris Weidman was present at the recent Cyborg VS Magana incident.

In a recent interview with News Day, Weidman said “So we were on the bus back and we were just hanging out. When we get off the bus, next thing I know, that little girl Angela (Magana) who I never really knew before; I didn’t know about her and her Twitter, that she’s crazy. But next thing I know, Cyborg comes out of nowhere and gets right in her face.”

The police were called to the scene after Cyborg struck Magana. Following the incident, Magana elected to press charges against Cyborg. The Brazilian is expected to appear in court due to the incident. 

Wiedman went on to explain that Magana did not back down. Cyborg approached the UFC strawweight and began cursing at her. Weidman states that Magana responded likewise. Then, Weidman attempted to come between the fighters and calm things down.

After attempting to calm things down, Weidman said “Cyborg looks at me and says, ‘Don’t touch me.’ Within five seconds she just cracks this girl.

Click HERE to view a video of the incident. 


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