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Canada’s undefeated knockout artist, Bobbi Jo Dalziel, is one of MMA’s brightest prospects. As the women’s lightweight division emerges on the scene, she is the type of talent and personality that fight fans can get behind. Prior to her return at PFL on July 11, Bobbi Jo Dalziel was generous enough to take some time to speak to WMMA Rankings.

Entering the 2019 season, Dalziel brings an undefeated 4-0 record, with 3 knockouts, into the PFL. This won’t be the first time Dalziel has fought in the United States – she traveled into the U.S. to the home state of her last 3 opponents to fight each one, and every time she got the win. At 6’0”, Dalziel will have a significant height advantage over most of her opponents. Dalziel grew up riding horses on a farm in Ontario and went on to play volleyball in college before moving to MMA. She also spent 7 years in the military after college.

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Thank you so much for your time, Bobbi Jo! How and when did you get your start in martial arts?

Bobbi: I started in martial arts right after college. Just kickboxing for a couple of years, then it progressed into MMA slowly.

Congratulations on your fifth consecutive pro victory! It was an exciting fight and a great display of striking between you two. Given that Genah only had one pro fight, is that how you imagined the fight playing out?

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Bobbi: I appreciate the thank you. It was a ton of work for only three points and it maybe wouldn’t seem that way if the show wasn’t based on points.

But her only having one pro MMA fight doesn’t show her talent– I knew going in she would be my greatest challenge and she didn’t disappoint! She was terrific and I can come away from that fight with my head held high.

Yes, it was only three points but a great battle between two fighters who were not afraid of getting after it, for us to stand and exchange and just leave it all out there means a lot to both of us I’m sure.

She has a great future ahead of her and I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Your next opponent, Larissa Pachecho, is more well-known. Do you like to watch tape on your opponents?

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Bobbi: My next opponent has a bigger record than I do and possibly more ring experience in the “big show”. I’m looking forward to this fight a lot– she is a well-rounded fighter and doesn’t back down from a hard fight and I respect that.

It seems like the PFL is foreshadowing a bout between Sarah Kaufman and Kayla Harrison. Who do you view as your biggest challenge in the tournament?

Bobbi: The PFL is highlighting their key fighters in this, which is fine. It let’s other people do the work in the shadows and come show time prove there’s more to show than two girls.

Personally, I’d like to fight them both. In this show, it’s a weird way to go about it because it’s just based on points and maybe things are rushed in the cage. People who get the win with a hard fight don’t get the highlights over those with a fast fight.

Both girls have potential to make it but in the fight game there’s always a punchers chance, nothing is set in stone, there are fighters working hard every day to prove they belong.

Is lightweight the perfect weight class for you? Before the PFL, had you ever considered attempting a drop to 145?

Bobbi: 155 is where I belong. Being 6 feet, my walk around weight is 175 pounds. I cut down to a healthy weight where it’s not dangerous for me.

There was a little over a two year gap between your victory over Jozette Cotton in 2016 and your win over Brittney Elkin in 2019. How come the lay off?

Bobbi: There was a lot of time between the Cotton and Elkins fight. I changed management and was able to get fights that worked and now I am back to fighting for the top spot again thanks to my manager and team who have my back and best interests in mind.

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Sherdog lists you as training at Disorderly Conduct while Tapology lists you as training at Forge Training Center– where do you train and would you like to shout out any training partners or coaches?

Bobbi: I train at Forge Training Centre. There’s a great team there. I have my main coach come to Forge and work with me a few times a week.

Working with Tim has been a huge part of my success. He has brought my game up a lot since I was a rookie and I appreciate him more than I can say. John Fraser has always been there to make sure my ground game is there, and being able to work with him and Justin has helped me a lot.

Just to stay working with people who train with me, not on me allows me to train without injury. All the guys at the club, Jessie, Jamie, March, Jon, Andrew push me to my max and I couldn’t do it without them. Having Forge run by great guys, Pat and Rowan, means fighters in our area can train safely with what feels like a family behind you.

There’s a couple of gyms in town that have allowed my to grow as an athlete and I am grateful for them allowing me to train in their facilities– We Are Fitness and Ironworks Fitness.

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Do you have a favorite quote or saying that keeps you motivated?

Bobbi: I’m not sure about a favourite saying that keeps me going– it’s just important for me to be here and now.

I didn’t come from a lot, so I push myself to have more, to better myself and that’s why I keep going. It’s easier to just go along with life and not put yourself out there. It’s a hard path to take but a path I can be proud to walk, no matter the outcome I can hold my head high.

If you could describe Bobbi jo Dalziel as a fighter and as a person in one word, which word would you choose?

Bobbi: One word to describe me is tough. I would say persevering, in life and in the cage. Whatever is thrown my way, I do my best to work through it.

We thank Bobbi for her time and wish all the best going forward!

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