Evva Johnson talks tonights bout against Heather Corder, not impressed with 155lb divisions “negative verbal vomit”, wants to teach etiquette and respect

Evva “No Fear” Johnson makes her return to Pro MMA competition tonight after two years away from the fight game. She will be facing Heather Corder who also makes a return after six years away from competition.

Evva Johnson takes on Rachael Ostovich at Invicta FC 10, December 2014.

Johnson is currently 1-1-0 in MMA, she enjoyed a highly successful amateur career with a record of 8-1, which includes seven finishes. We last seen her fight back in 2014 for Invicta FC against Rachael Ostovich, in a very close split decision loss. After two years away from competition, Johnson is ready to make a statement. She speaks on her respect for opponent Corder “If my fight history memory serves me well, Heather is one of the first women to fight MMA in the state of Kentucky which obviously is a historical moment for our state’s MMA progression. I believe any fighter that steps in the cage deserves my respect and I do not underestimate their abilities.”

Johnson is a former amateur MMA world champion.

Johnson has previously fought at Flyweight which is contested at 125lbs, however she now makes her move to a higher division. She says on the transition “I have never had a fight at Lightweight but I have trained with several high level Pros close to that weight like Tamikka “Boom Boom” Brents and Tonya Evinger which I believe definitely has helped me prepare for this weight class of opponents.” Although the fight is listed as Lightweight (155lbs), both Johnson and Corder weighed in last night at a significantly lower weight. Evva Johnson weighed in at 142, whilst Heather Corder was 142.6.

‘No Fear’ speaks on the controversy surrounding the 155lb division, and all the recent back and forth trash talk between top five contenders in the division Jozette Cotton, Sarah Patterson, Gabrielle Holloway and Brittney Elkin. “I am glad as a Woman’s MMA fighter to see different weight classes grow in the sport of Women’s MMA. I read the reviews about disputes, upcoming fights, and so on but I’m not the fighter that draws an opinion on drama in the sport. As a Martial Arts Instructor I fight to teach etiquette/respect for opponents when in competition to my students. I would like to see less negative verbal vomit against others in the sport and more positive moral/ethics being taught to the next generation.” The 155lbs division is fast becoming one of the most exciting and fastest growing divisions in MMA. Last week it was revealed Cotton is scheduled to face Sarah “Primal” Patterson for the first ever Lightweight World Championship at Gateway Fighting Series on January 28th 2016, the event will air live on PPV. “The #1 Headbusta” hit headlines earlier this week after demanding more money and going on a foul mouthed rant at her upcoming opponent Sarah Patterson. Eva’s opponent Heather Corder hit out at Cotton earlier in the week branding her a “foul mouth punk” and telling her to “knuckle up or shut up”.

As well as being a competitor, Johnson is also a mixed martial arts instructor.

Johnson doesn’t just fight for herself, fighting has a very special meaning to her, and she will have a lot of people on her mind during the fight, telling us “I have several people that will be on my mind Saturday night during the fight, Leon one of my biggest fans that is battling cancer and is to sick to make this fight, my beautiful future sister-in-law Leslie who was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer 2 weeks ago and starting her battle, the families of the kids that lost their battle with cancer the past few weeks in our small town, Baby Avery who gained his wings to early last week, all the families/residents of Gatlinburg and surrounding areas of devastation from the wildfires, the wildlife of Gatlinburg, anyone who needs strength and support I pray for them for comfort and peace. I appreciate the opportunity to fight for them and hopefully elevate their spirits.”.

She concluded with her favourite quote “My famous quote to all my students: “Listen guys and ladies: be unique, there is enough negativity in the world, let’s be different, be positive & do the things the right way, most of the time it’s the hard way but we will be better for that journey”.

Johnson faces Heather Corder tonight at Warrior Fighting Challenge: Bad Blood. The event begins 7pm EST and will be aired live on GoFightLive and available for up to 30 days after.

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